7 Unseen Benefits and Uses Of Home Improvement Loan: Must Know


Renovating a home is more than a recreational activity. It is about preserving the memories associated with the home and making room for new ones. Regular maintenance and renovation also help in maintaining the market value of the home. People keep delaying their renovations due to financial constraints, as making changes in a home is a costly affair. However, you can take a home renovation loan from a financial institution to mitigate the financial constraints. 

In recent years, housing loans in India have undergone a paradigm shift with many NBFCs entering the market and offering attractive schemes for financing home renovations.

If you want a complete guide to how a home renovation can benefit you, you have come to the right place. By taking a home renovation loan, you can procure the required capital and then repay it in easy instalments. In this article, we will be discussing the unseen benefits of a home renovation loan.

Unseen Benefits of Home renovation

1. Kitchen Remodelling

Renovating your kitchen is the best investment you can make. Renovations can be as simple as adding new appliances and making a few structural changes. Installing energy-efficient appliances in your kitchen will save a lot of money for you. Hence, you can always take a home renovation loan for remodelling your kitchen, and it will pay for itself in the long-run.

2. Bathroom Additions

Bathroom renovations can look very tedious at first. However, you should keep renovating the bathroom from time to time to ensure adequate safety measures. Bathroom renovations are very labour-intensive, and hence, taking a loan for the same is always a good idea.

3. Bedroom Renovation

You can do a complete structural change in the floor plan and add a new room, or you can remodel the existing room to suit your needs. A home renovation loan will help you execute this capital-intensive operation.

Due to the ease of procuring housing loan in India, the demand for homes has increased. The existing houses owners often look to remodel their homes before they put them up for sale as it will increase their market value. Remodelling the room structure is an integral part of the renovation.

4. Upgrades

You need to make some essential upgrades from time to time to ensure your home is in perfect condition. These upgrades include keeping the paint fresh or building a new fence. These costs can be easily covered in the home renovation loan. The financial institutions offer these loans at attractive rates of interest, and hence, you can repay them in easy instalments.

5. Interior Design

You need to stay updated with the latest trends in interior design. The design of your house speaks volumes about your taste, and hence, make sure to keep updating the interior design. A loan for home renovation covers the entire cost of updating interior designs. You can avail of a substantial amount of money from a financial institution and even hire a professional to design your house’s interiors.

6. Furniture

Furniture requires regular maintenance, and you also have to replace the old ones probably. It is to ensure stable and robust furniture at home. The cost of replacing furniture can be very high depending on the size of the house. Especially the doors and window panels need regular maintenance due to their prolonged exposure to temperature variations. It can be quickly done by taking a home renovation loan.

7. Cracked Tiles and Floors

It is a minor yet essential repair that is often needed in a home. The cracks in the floor can sometimes cause structural instability in the house and pave the way for insects and pests. Depending on the amount of damage and the house’s size, the repair cost can get very high sometimes. You can always take a loan for this renovation too.


Housing loans in India have become more structured and mature over the years. NBFCs are offering finance schemes for customized requirements too. A home renovation loan is an example of that. Don’t let the financial constraints stop you from making the necessary changes in your home. Contact a reliable lender and discuss your requirements to get an excellent offer.


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