If you are like me, a lover of nature and escape, then you are probably a lover of hiking photography. Whether in the mountainous line next to home, or on the other side of the Atlantic to discover the ancient city, the hiking trails always lead us to interesting landscapes and that you would surely like want to photograph in order to keep an unforgettable memory.

However, the result on the camera screen is not always what you expect and it is a bit frustrating. So here are some tips from Spates Photography service for bringing back a great photo essay from your hike!

Chase the good lights

A mountain photo in full midday sun is not necessarily interesting, moreover if you take a picture of someone at that time, because the sun’s rays will produce unsightly shadows that you will necessarily have to “unblock” In flash. But you may not be walking around with a flash, and you may forget which one is “included” in your camera because it will simply and purely kill your image.

So have the reflex to photograph when the light is interesting, typically at the time of what is called “golden hour”, at sunrise and sunset. It is in these time slots that the sun’s rays hit the ground in a more interesting way.

Capture weather phenomena

What could be more relevant to show nature than to seek to photograph the meteorological elements? Thunderstorms, sea of ​​clouds and other lightning are all subjects that fascinate many landscape photographers. And for good reason, it is a phenomenon that brings strength to an image, the “wow” effect when you discover it. To do so, your best weapon will be your “weather” application and unfailing patience!

Be on the lookout for animals

Don’t know what to ask for as a Christmas present? So look no further and choose a telephoto lens! Not only is it a very useful lens for landscape photography, but it is also essential for taking beautiful photos of animals during your hikes. Raptors, groundhogs or simple herding cattle, including animal photos in your hiking photo story will add weight and variety to your series. Besides, it adds life to your images!

Don’t forget the human

Animals are good for giving life to your images, a human being is better! It is not because you are going to the mountains or to nature that you will not meet a single living soul. On the contrary, you will be able to make original portraits and especially in situation. A smiling fisherman bringing a trout back to the shore of a high mountain lake or a refuge keeper observing the mountain peaks with magic in his eyes, so many examples of images and stories to tell with your camera. All you have to do is find inspiration!

Tell a story

And not just telling stories. Why? Because as I have already told you in this blog, the mountain is a land of adventure, extremely rich in stories and history. Your hiking trail will take you to both geographic and historical peaks.

Compose your photos like a pro

Keep in mind that a good image is a well composed image, in which the reader’s eye is guided to see the essential. Remember to put your subjects on points of strength, you know, its four points of intersection of the lines of the thirds of the image.

Also remember to find and highlight the lines in your images. In a natural environment, it will be more difficult to play with the prospect of a street covered with buildings, but the paths, bridges and other elements of the local flora can greatly inspire you to make beautiful images!

Work on your photos in post-production

This is the last step, wrongly avoided by those who think that retouching is cheating. Still, post-production is just essential to sublimate your hiking photos, or at least allow you to make them look like what you saw with your eyes. Indeed, your camera will not always be able (moreover if you are in automatic mode) to correctly capture the moment that you live. You will always have to “play” a little with the tones to revive the colors or even slightly crop your image to exclude an unwanted element in the frame such as a tree branch or other disturbing element.


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