7 Thoughtful Gifts for Women’s Day – Ditch the Cards and Flowers


The very essence of life lies in receiving unexpected greetings; some great, some good and some heartwarming. But few occasions weigh a significance way too high than any in the very month, and that for you lads, is Women’s Day. It is a day that goes in complete dedication to the ladies in the house.

Over the years, gift-giving has become a massive trend. With the market flooding with gifts, it has become elementary to choose a gift for your lady and surprise her on Women’s Day. Be it an online gift or a personalized present, Women’s Day celebration is all about appreciating ladies and expressing your love for them in the form of customized gifts. Ditch the regular cards and flower bouquets and get quirky this Women’s Day with presents that will spark a ray of joy in the hearts of special ladies in your life.

  •  A body scrubber

body scrubber

Lend a rejuvenating experience to your lady by gifting her an excellent exfoliating body scrubber. A body scrubber that’s made from natural or organic ingredients will ensure that you care about her and at the same time add value to her skin.

  • Customised jewellery


When speaking of assets, it is jewellery that tops the list for most of the woman. It could either be a customized pendant, a pair of earrings or a bracelet. You can team them with coordinating accessories so that she can wear them with her festive attire and step out in style. Such customized jewelry set can be the perfect gift for a mother, wife, girlfriend, or sister who loves to don fancy accessories.

  • Customized chocolates

Customized chocolates

Chocolates are the best gifts when it comes to presenting someone on occasion. But to spice up the level, you can opt for Women’s Day gift boxes consisting of personalized chocolates. These come in a beautiful box with an image imprinted on the cover for a pop of visual flair.

  • Party makeup kit

Party makeup kit

Women’s Day gift ideas can be many, and a party makeup kit can be the perfect one. This Women’s Day gift her a statement makeup palette that says it all. With this gift, she can commit to an ideal pouting and illuminated face that will draw the attention of people wherever she goes.

  • A handmade diary

handmade diary

Planning for ideal personalized gifts for Women’s Day? Resort to making a handmade diary for your girlfriend so that it stays as a constant for her even when you are far away. You could use all her favourite motifs and colours on its cover and pages to add an extra pop of delight to the notebook. Team it with a pen with her initials on it to complete the set.

  • Yoga mat

Yoga mat

This yoga mat can serve as a great gift of health. It will help her workout at home or outdoors without having to scrape her knees. It is a simple yet thoughtful gift that will help her at a later stage, boost her confidence and enable her to perform better exercises to stay fit.

  • Self-indulgent creation

Self indulgent creation

This being an indulgent choice, it’ll make the best Women’s Day present to your wife. Make her a delicious breakfast with items of her choice. Set the table with her favourite flowers and place the dishes neatly to create a truly mesmeric experience.

For a woman as beautiful as yours, it is worth every shot to go the unconventional route and surprise her with a genuinely thoughtful gift. Relish these unforgettable moments together, as these would etch a permanent mark in her heart and memory.


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