7 Study Abroad Scholarship You Can Take Advantage of


Studying abroad probably has something to do with the enormous expenses of moving elsewhere and ever-increasing international student expenses. However, you may not have any knowledge of the astounding number of funding opportunities ready to support you meet the expenses. Studying abroad.

In this article, we’ve mentioned 10 incredible study abroad scholarships you can take advantage of.

QS Leadership Scholarship

QS Leadership Scholarship of US$10,000 is granted every year to a promised postgraduate student who shows effective leadership skills and/or participation in a specific community or cause. You can be that guy, too! For more, visit a QS World Grad Tour meet and submit a small essay.

Adelaide Scholarships International

The University of Adelaide of Australia grants scholarships, including fees, pay for foreign postgraduate students, and health insurance.

The scholarship is for 2 years of master’s program and 3 years of Ph.D. To claim, you must keep the equivalent of an Australian first-class honors degree.

For applying online, go to https://www.adelaide.edu.au/graduatecentre/admission/.

Great Wall Program

If you want to study in China, the Great Wall Program can help you as the Chinese Ministry of Education funds it. The full scholarship sponsors foreign students and scholars from developing countries seeing to study and continue research in China.

Speak to the National Commission for UNESCO of your country to apply. Apply to the Chinese university of your choice with the reports provided by UNESCO

University of British Columbia’s International Leader of Tomorrow Award

The University of British Columbia in Canada grants undergraduate scholarships to international candidates based on financial need and educational merit.

For eligibility, you need to have an outstanding academic record, not contain a prior undergraduate degree, be an international student and show your economic necessity.

Fulbright Foreign Student Program

These scholarships to study abroad in the US support postgraduate students, young professionals artists pursuing studies or research.

Entrance and Admission requirements vary by country; go here to check it. Select your nation in the dropdown list and wait to be redirected to the relevant page.

Westminster Full International Scholarship

To be qualified for a complete scholarship to study abroad at the University of Westminster, you require to be an international candidate from a developing country and have a full-time offer from the college.

Check if your country is a developing nation here. These scholarships are granted based on development potential, educational excellence, and economic requirement. To apply, go here.

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees

Joined in 1 of Erasmus Mundus’ joint master’s degrees, you could get a full scholarship, including your tuition fees and living costs.

Lasting between 1 and 2 years, the program would grant you to at least two participating colleges based abroad. To know more here.

Clarendon Scholarships at the University of Oxford

Each year, the Clarendon Scholarships fund awards 140 postgraduate scholarships granting an entire trip to the University of Oxford based on scholarly worthiness across all subjects. The college will automatically recognize you for the scholarship if you meet the application deadline of January for your course you have chosen.



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