7 Reasons Why You Should Go for Mi TV


If you are looking for an LED TV this holiday season, Mi TVs have a lot to offer and are a great choice. We state 7 reasons why you should consider purchasing a Mi television. 


Being spoilt for choice is not always a bad thing. This is especially true when it comes to buying electronic devices like TVs. The plethora of choices makes purchase decisions easier and better value for money. In recent times, brands like Xiaomi have exemplified this concept by their line-up of exceptionally cost-effective Mi LED TVs.


So what makes Mi a popular brand among TV buyers? We take you through seven reasons why you should opt for a Mi TV for your next purchase. If you are a new buyer, this will be a guide into all the post-purchase benefits that you can expect.

# 1 Affordability

Xiaomi TVs are extremely affordable, especially during the festive season. A 32-inch LED TV price available online will be around 12,500 INR. This is great news for budget-oriented buyers, who don’t require all the extra features and just want a great TV viewing experience.

# 2 Value for Money

Not only are they some of the most affordable TVs available in the market today, but Mi LED TVs also offer the best value for money. Features like Smart OS, Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth, multiple USB ports among others make them some of the most versatile TVs today. All this at an extremely affordable cost makes it a great value for money offering.  

# 3 Patchwall UI Update

Patchwall UI 3.0 was announced in February 2020. The new interface was highly anticipated as it offered a number of crucial updates to the existing Patchwall UI. Among the number of its attributes, Patchwell UI 3.0 has a brilliant user interface, multiple themes, and lest we forget, offers streaming from 16+ of the top content partners. Users will have plenty of options to enjoy and will be hooked on to their screens for a long time.

# 4 Mi Bluetooth Remote

Mi TVs come with a voice-activated Bluetooth remote. The streamlined design and well-spaced buttons give it an attractively sleek look, and make it easy to use. By far, the biggest advantage of the remote is the smart voice-activated feature. Just speak into the remote to search for your favourite TV programs or movies, or control your TV without having to scroll through setting controls.

# 5 High-res Display

Mi LED TVs are equipped with high-quality displays for optimal viewing experience. Depending on your budget, you can either go for a 1080p resolution display, or the top of the line UHD (ultra-high-definition) 4K display. To ensure customer delight, Xiaomi makes it a point to pay attention to the smallest detail, with each display undergoing the most rigorous quality control. You are sure to enjoy high-quality videos for years to come.

# 6 Multiple Ports

If you prefer to connect your TV to external devices, Mi TVs are adequately equipped with sufficient ports on the back panel. Most TVs get 2 USB ports, 2 HDMI ports, an AUX headphone jack, and a LAN port. Higher model TVs get S/PDIF audio output ports to connect high-definition audio devices.

# 7 Design and Build

Mi TVs look and feel very high-quality. The minimalistic design ensures a narrow bezel frame and a high-quality stand that is easy to install. Overall, the TV is built to last and manages to stay robust and look classy at the same time.   

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