7 Essential Reasons Your Business Needs a Marketing Agency


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Marketing is an essential task for any business to see through to its full potential. But marketing can be time-consuming, difficult, and worst of all, expensive. There has to be a strategy to make the process easier to overcome, right?

Spending for marketing agencies as a whole is poised to grow by $150 billion by the year 2022, primarily in the real estate and home services markets.

With numbers like that there must be huge benefits to pairing with an agency! Below are some of the top ways an agency can boost efficiency and help your bottom line.

  1. Cost Efficiency

Hiring new in-house positions is very expensive. You are not only paying their salary but also adding on benefits and other additional costs. By creating an entire marketing team in-house you can spend over half a million dollars when all is totalled up.

By hiring an agency there is a fee for the work that is done and nothing more. When more work is done more money is paid. There are no payroll taxes, there are no healthcare benefits, and there are no operating costs related to their work.

Looking at a single position: a Social Media Manager can make $50,000 a year. That’s one member of a marketing team. The cost of an agency can be anywhere from $48,000 – $120,000.

  1. Increased Productivity Levels

There is often a trend of passing off some of the secondary, “easier” tasks to team members that may be doing other work as their primary responsibility.

While the work is often related and the employees are not completely in the dark it leads to poor results, high priority items drop too low or are completely forgotten.

Marketing Attention

It brings up an important point, even if they can do the work “well” there may be issues with its effectiveness or the workers’ efficiency. Is an in-house worker giving each aspect of your marketing campaign the proper time and attention?

Most likely the answer is no. There are important elements that need to be addressed and a marketing agency can better address the time needed and spent.

  • Brand Awareness
  • Content Marketing
  • Website and SEO

They will be able to help if a strong brand identity is not established. If you are having issues providing content that will influence visitors to buy products and/or services (conversion rate is low) they can develop a strategy.

Do you have enough of a web presence to even be located efficiently? SEO comes in there.

  1. Side Order of Extra Skills

Hiring on a marketing agency does not mean you are simply getting a marketing team to work for you. An agency is equipped with designers, writers, SEO professionals, and developers alike.

You may take advantage of some more than others on the team but they are all there when the need arises.

Even if your company has the resources to hire extra marketing employees in-house, by working with an agency the process of having to interview each team member is replaced by a single interview.

  1. Access to New Resources

New developments come incredibly fast in any digital marketer. Keeping up with new trends and new technology can be a full-time job in itself. By working with an agency you have access to these benefits without the time commitment.

Technology is Expensive

Software costs can add up very quickly. For a smaller business, this can be an even bigger benefit when working with a marketing agency. By working with an agency you can leverage the tools they have on hand and use those.

They know how best to use those tools as well. Rather than you spending the, potentially huge, cost and not being able to effectively utilize the software or services. Let the experts handle it!

What Is on Trend

Marketing is all the agency does. They eat, breathe, and live it. When someone is working on an in-house marketing team, they may be working on multiple projects. Not only the development of strategies but implementing them as well.

They simply do not have the time to take on more information in an already overwhelming environment.

Keeping educated and on-trend is an essential function of an agency. They devote a portion of their operating time to that specific function. With a marketing agency, you know that you will always be kept current with any trends or developments.

  1. No Training Downtime

When a staff of completely trained experts comes to solve a problem there is no learning curve. You have a tool-kit that is ready to go from day one and that means there is no downtime for implementation.

If there is a new strategy or technology you do not have to worry about stopping your workflow to train employees. Because you don’t have this responsibility, your revenue never takes a hit.

  1. Scalability

There is only one way to scale up your operations when working in-house. Hire more people. But when working with a performance marketing agency, you can adjust your needs and they will help grow your campaign to a larger degree.

This also plays into the need for flexibility or adaptability. If you find that you want to try new platforms or change platforms, working with an agency makes the process much easier.

  1. New Set of Eyes

By being involved in the day to day consistently an in-house marketing professional may not be able to experience an accurate perception of the “big picture” that the business is in.

Many may not express concerns while working within the company because they feel it could risk their position. Or if not that, they may be worried that if a change is needed it could make their job more difficult.

Moving Forward With a Marketing Agency

Numbers don’t lie when it comes to progress reports, you can see how beneficial pairing with a marketing agency can be for your business. There is only so much work an in-house team can handle and only so much a budget can buy.

Grow to your full potential and see what a strong relationship with an agency can do for you!

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