7 Essential Improvements For Your Next Bathroom Remodel

7 Essential Improvements For Your Next Bathroom Remodel jpg

A renovated bathroom adds value to your house, upgrades its design, and makes it more suited to your needs today. For years to come, upgrades are the perfect time to make changes that will benefit you and your family.

If you spend money this year on a bathroom remodel, consider making one or more of these critical improvements to enhance your bathroom efficiency, storage, and comfort.

Bathroom remodels one of the most significant investments you can make in your house, consistently. They appear to be one of the Costs vs Value Report’s high-value ROI ventures. This is because the bathrooms are heavily used spaces, and the right design can turn this often neglected, but highly functional room into a retreat like a spa.

You’ll want to add varying degrees of style, versatility, and imagination to get the most out of your bathroom renovation. Partnership with an interior remodeling contractor who understands architecture will help you get that done.

Toilets With Hidden Tanks

Hidden-tank toilets save valuable space, and low-flow versions help conserve water while you flush. It’s a good option that will boost your home’s value after the remodel. These are ideal for all types of bathrooms, but they match particularly well in classic and contemporary decorations. But be mindful that routine maintenance can be difficult, as there is typically no easy access to the tank if attention is required to the inner workings.

Beautiful Tiles For The Floor

During your bathroom remodeling, you will have lots of flooring, wall, and tile choices to make. Your shower floor tiling would be the most critical to protection.

Choose a short, textured tile with a shower. The texture and extra grouting can prevent your feet from sliding as soon as the ground becomes soapy and watery. Most modern tiles in the bathroom are easy to clean and use grouts that resist mold, moisture, and stains.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles offer you many possibilities for style and decor. For optimum visual effect, mix and match various patterns and colors, or do something more understated for a harmonious look.

Natural stone tiles are beautiful space enchantments, but the wrong stone may become a problem. Instead of selecting a stone such as marble or granite for your countertop, choose an alternative such as quartz, which mimics the look while still being more resistant to stain and moisture. Never add to your bathroom hardwood floors. Instead, go for wood-looking tiles.

A Bath Tub

Too many people add a tub to their bathrooms only because they feel like they should. But, mainly if you never take baths, a bath is not always a requirement. While there are still real estate experts who claim that a bathroom with a tub is more appealing to prospective buyers than a bathroom with a shower, this is much less relevant for buyers today than it once was. And your primary concern should be how you will be using the space in the next few years.

If you love baths, then include them in your remodeling by all means. But if you’re taking baths occasionally, if ever, you could be much better off installing only an oversized tub. Indeed a bath is more attractive to potential customers who might have kids. But suppose your house contains another family bathroom that has a combination of a pool.

If you have a large bathroom, of course, you probably get to include both without worrying too much about space. But if you have to pick, then at this time you should always go for what is more practical for you. And this may mean you left the bathroom out of your strategy.

A Cabinet For Medicines

Get more storage space and look sleeker with over vanity a recessed medicine cabinet. Installing it within the wall a few inches saves you some space you need and makes your bathroom look sleeker and more modern. In the grand scheme of a complete bathroom renovation, the extra wall framing work generally doesn’t cost much.

This is particularly useful when your vanity is on the shallower side: By using a recess in the wall, you give yourself extra room to lean over and use the sink—fewer concerns about banging your head on the mirror’s edge.

Bathrooms require storage, and finding ways to integrate this space will ensure a well-organized and clean bathroom. Many of the best ways to add storage to your room are vanity cabinets, linen closets, and shelving. But you can add other simple ideas such as recessed cabinets of medication that do not take up extra room space and provide storage.

Proper Lights

Bathrooms seem to have limited access to natural light, and that is why they require excellent lighting. Consider updating or adding to your current lighting to enhance the functionality and atmosphere of the space as you prepare your bathroom to remodel.

The first significant improvement in illumination should be a dimmer for the leading lights. If you like taking baths, you know it’s not much fun to have a leisurely bath in complete artificial light. A dimmer will allow you to set your mood just right.

Add recessed fixtures around the mirror to give you the best possible lighting while you do your hair, apply makeup, or shave — or any other job that needs a lot of light.

Add A Window: A Big One

One of the biggest enemies of a clean bathroom is the humidity due to insufficient or inadequate ventilation that remains trapped in the vacuum. While a good fan of the bathroom can make a huge difference, it’s still natural ventilation that is best.

Adding a window through your douche will help keep your bathroom clean and free from mold and mildew. Natural ventilation is efficient, mainly if after use, you leave the door to the bathroom open. Often, a window supports a shower by letting both an aesthetic and a safety concern into natural light.

Natural light will turn a shower into a relaxation comparable to a spa. You have plenty of choices to choose from when installing a shower window — a real, wide-open window, a frosted privacy glass, a skylight, or a clerestory window. There are several choices for providing a degree of privacy while adding the desired light.

Whatever design you choose, choose a window that has transparency. Humidity that gets stuck in your bathroom isn’t your buddy, and while you hope to have a quality ventilator, having the option to open a window to air out the room will save your bathroom from problems with moisture

Do Not Flaunt Your Pipes

This is a tiny, invisible change that will make a significant difference in your bathroom functionality.

Typical plumbing of the bathroom drain is 1 1/2-, or sometimes 1 1/4 inch diameter pipe, usually plastic PVC. This form of drain pipe can easily clog, mainly if you are using the same shower and bath with multiple family members. The installation of two-inch drains costs the same and will drain drainage efficiency in your bathroom significantly improved.


Your bathroom needn’t be a spot you’re avoiding. It can be a place where you want to relax. You can create the perfect bathroom remodel for your house, with the right design and creativity. All you need is to keep these points in mind, and you are all set to go.


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