7 Easy Tips & tricks to Avoid Failure in Wedding Cards Printing



Wedding cards printing is undeniably an important job. It needs to be performed with the utmost care, and there are several things to be taken care of while these invites are being crafted. Several mistakes happen in printing wedding invitations. If you are looking to make the perfect cards for the occasion, then you need to make sure that none of these are found in your invites.

Never Over Design:

One of the most common mistakes people make when designing custom wedding cards is that they tend to go overkill with the designs. They choose the most complex designs, and it often leads to an overall bad look. It is important to keep in mind that this wedding invite is going to be sent to a variety of people, and not most of those people would appreciate the idea you like.

So, instead, you should opt for a design that people are familiar with. Choose elegant colors and relaxing patterns that humbly explain your happiness. You should have a theme already in your mind and follow that specific theme when selecting colors, typefaces, and illustrations.

Do Not Use Cheap Materials And Bad Finishing:

If you are looking to show your loved ones that how much this particular day means to you, then you should always choose the best materials for the occasion invites. If you choose bad quality material and an average finishing, people will not be impressed by it, and it will not be helpful for you. There are a lot of high-quality packaging materials available in the market.

Kraft and cardboard are generally a popular choice to manufacture these custom printed wedding cards. Finishing is another important aspect by which you can increase the look and feel of the cards ten folds. Some common finishing options are Spot UV, Gloss Finish, and Matte finish, but the most popular one among these is the Embossing styled finishing.

Choose Typefaces Wisely:

Choosing non-attractive typefaces can be a huge turn off for your customized wedding cards. Always go with the most attractive designs, but also make sure that the text is not hard to read. If the text is hard to read for the recipient, then they will most probably miss out on certain important details because it was hard to read for them. Always consult your friends and family about the typefaces and the colors you should choose for the text. Make sure that the text is in contrast with the color of the card. It makes the text pop out more and makes it easier to read.

Always Do Sample Printing:

The worst thing that can happen with customized wedding cards is that when you find out a design mistake after you have printed them in a large quantity. This is an absolute horror for the bride and the groom. So to make sure it never happens, always make sure that after you are done with designing your cards in Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, ask your supplier to print a sample card for you. This is where you can point out the design mistakes, if there are any. There is a high chance that something that was looking good on the computer screen might not look as good on the actual card when printed. So remember to print a sample card first.

Get Rid Of Spelling Errors:

Nothing is capable of turning your wedding invite into a joke more than the spelling mistakes that you never paid attention to! Imagine reading on a wedding card that there will be Child-bear, instead of Chilled-beer. These are so little, but the impact these mistakes have on ruining the essence of your invitations is bigger than you think.

So this the one thing that you should never ignore. If you think you are not so good with English yourself, then you can ask a friend to help you out. There is not a ton of material to go through on wedding cards. All you need to do is to make sure that the name of the bride and the groom is spelled correctly and other such details like that.

Avoid Too Much Text!

It is a major turn-off for your friends and family when you hand them a wedding card that is more of an essay than a simple invite. Always remember that it is an invitation and not an essay. Do not go with printing the story of how you both met and how special you both are for each other; everyone knows that!

Keep it short, keep it precise, and provide the details that they will need to prepare for your wedding. If you have a distinct theme in mind for the wedding dresses, then tell them about that. Putting too many extra details will make them miss out on important details, so avoid doing that. Print the address of the venue. Print the time and date as well to make it easier to understand.

Add A Personal Touch:

By not opting for adding a personal touch in your custom wedding cards boxesthere is nothing special in it that differentiates itself from other cards. Make sure to add a personal touch to them by adding a picture of the couple or by adding handwritten tags that include the name of the people this card is meant for.

These are just little things, but the impact of these little deeds is far greater than you can imagine. People will feel special when they receive an invite which clearly mentions that they are special to the couple, and their presence will be a good thing for the event.

The best wedding cards are the ones which are not only pretty from the outside but also are perfect from the inside. Wedding cards printing should be done with extreme care to make sure that no mistake in it will ruin the excitement for the big day. So gather your friends and family and start designing!


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