7 Business Startup Ideas with Minimal Investment


The desire to start their own business leads to the fact that many individual entrepreneurs do not know what exactly to do. In this article, we will consider business ideas with minimal investment, which will allow you to make good profits.

Business ideas are born from true entrepreneurs and instantly fly around the world and are copied. The rapid appearance of competitors in a new area indicates the success of the idea, the attractiveness of the product or service for the client, and the profitability for the entrepreneur.

Selling products from a one-page site

At the moment, the presented type of business is very relevant, because it needs minimal investment while being able to bring a good income. The principle of operation is that a person will sell products from a number of their own one-page sites. Like if you want to sell embroidered Karandi collection then it’s really easy to just hire a website developer and create a business page to sell your product.

Makeup, hairstyles, visage

The advantage of this business idea in the service sector is that after 1-2 years, subject to correct advertising and high-quality execution of orders, a person can easily open his own beauty salon. Investments are required only for tools and cosmetics.

It is quite possible that at first, you will have to work for free in order to consolidate the acquired skills. After 3-5 weeks, you can switch to paid services. This is a great option for a business idea for a small town, where the number of beauty salons, as well as private masters, is at a minimum.

Private photographer

On the one hand, this is not the newest version of a business idea, but with competent promotion and high-quality execution of orders, the results will not take long. The bottom line is finding clients who need professional photography.

You need to come to the site, take several hundred frames, process the best of them in special programs, and provide clients with ready-made results in the form of electronic files or printed photographs. This is how you can scale this business idea.

Developing your own carpentry business

Those who wish to organize a business in the village have very different ideas. So, for example, if you are good at carpentry equipment, you might want to try making custom furniture. There are a lot of customers for such products, the main thing is to properly advertise yourself.

To do this, it is necessary to publish the relevant announcements on electronic boards, at the same time making 20-30 ready-made copies of wood furniture products.

Repair of household equipment

Are you well versed in modern household appliances? To start your business from scratch, ideas for home equipment repair will be enough. Expenses would be about $11,500. The money will be spent on purchasing tools. Materials are purchased at the expense of clients.

The payback period is approximately 3-4 months, depending on the number of clients. At first, there will be an unstable flow of customers. But if you consider our top business ideas, this source of income is one of the most profitable in general.

Outdoor fitness

When considering sports business ideas, it is quite possible that you will enjoy working as a fitness trainer outdoors. The advantage is that your clients receive a good store of knowledge and easily adjust their body shape.

Investments may only be required for advertising and training in the field of fitness and nutrition programs if there is no relevant knowledge and certificates, but with the persistent promotion of services on social networks, even such expenses will not be required.


There are also non-standard business ideas. The production of video content for your channel is included in this number. It may seem that video hosting sites are created only so that users can talk about themselves and their lives, but this is not so.

E.g., Bloggers who have at least 20 thousand subscribers or viewership daily on their website. Or any social page gets the opportunity to advertise products or services from private customers. Like, if a customer with a baby bath kneeler wanted to promote a product. They could charge them a handsome amount for product review/promotion.

Starting a business is a journey. And as a budding entrepreneur, you want to learn as much as you can to help support you on that journey. The best books for starting a business can be an invaluable resource.

The cost of one such offer varies within different limits. It all depends on the statistics of views and the number of subscribers on the channel.

Bottom Line

There are many options for aspiring entrepreneurs to consider to take their business career a start. But it’s important to take the right decision with analytical thinking and a contingency plan. It would help you maintain a higher chance of sustainability for your startup.


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