7 Beautiful Details in Kitchens that will Leave you Speechless


The kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s worthy of all the attention and trends. As new trends come every day, it has become interesting to redo or update your kitchen. Well worth the price in the end; even if it costs most of your savings. 

Some kitchen details are so eye-catching that they will take your breath away. Some new cabinet colors, hardware, and accessories are a must-try in this modern age. Whether you shop for new Forevermark cabinets or stick with the old ones, these tiny updates will never hurt you. Here is the list of seven beautiful kitchen details you might want to try. 

Long neck faucets:

The hardware, sink type, and faucets you choose contribute to the whole picture. That is why it is not wise to avoid such details that are small and vital. For example, long-neck silver faucets work with any kitchen design and have the added features of being practical and stylish. Not only do they look good with dark finish cabinets, but they also add a visual appeal.

Open with sliding doors:

Sliding doors are trendy and practical. If you like to cook but want to keep the kitchen private, sliding doors with a glass front is the best choice. These doors give you an easy way to enter and exit the kitchen while also keeping your cooking space free from intruders. Placing sliding doors in a narrow-space kitchen works well too. This gives you an opening to the backyard or a garden. Here are 5 Types of Cabinet Door Style

White marble countertops:

Other than cabinets, sinks, and hardware, your countertops are the focal point of your kitchen. And if you have a kitchen island, your counter is an integral part of the entire theme. In both cases, white marble countertops are the best choice. Furthermore, white marble is sheer beauty with unique veining patterns. Moreover, its intricate natural details will give a luxurious look to your regular kitchen space. Pay attention to these minute details for better outcomes.

A jet black chimney:

You can make a big statement in your kitchen with a jet-black chimney. For example, you may want to choose jet-black if your kitchen has white cabinets and white appliances. A black chimney with a matte finish is the perfect way to complement the natural look of black cabinets and hardware. To give your kitchen more character, try mixing in some black shelves and a blackboard ledger.

Black cabinets, gold hardware:

Black cabinets in themselves are the perfect ones to make a statement kitchen. If you have a monotonous theme, there is nothing better than black Forevermark cabinets to croon the place. But, avoid going for all black cabinets. Keep the upper cabinets white or beige, and opt for black base cabinets. In addition to that, gold hardware will give a definite detailing factor to your cabinets. Plus, you may shop cabinets that already have such intricate details. 

Cone-aged brass pendant lights:

The lighting in your kitchen is also a noticeable factor. Nowadays, you have many great options for lights. So, make sure you pick the best one. Black cone-aged pendant lights are a fantastic choice here. One can hardly ignore these alluring lights hanging in the kitchen space above the kitchen island. So, opt for cone-shaped brass pendant lights to go perfectly with your accented furniture and that black chimney. 

An authentic wooden texture:

You might be wondering what authenticity means. It’s keeping the natural look of a wooden cabinet and avoids using a top-coat. A transparent finish, on natural oak and walnut cabinets, is perfect for those who like the look of real wood. Or, if you want to go a step further, the natural brown color of wooden cabinets with design adds more detail.

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The kitchen is the heart of most homes, and every little detail makes a statement. Everyone wants to make a standout kitchen these days, so this list of seven details is sure to take your breath away. A black chimney and sliding doors with gold hardware will make your kitchen look luxurious. And white marble countertops with cone-shaped pendant lights will brighten up your space. Don’t be afraid to make an update in the kitchen — it doesn’t have to break the bank.


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