6 Types of Popular Engagement Rings

6 Types of Popular Engagement Rings

If you know about engagement rings, then you must be familiar that all the engagement rings are not alike. Every engagement ring has its own quality and every ring represents a special meaning. Every engagement ring shows love and care.

In this article, you will know about the popular types of engagement rings such as solitaire rings, halo rings, vintage rings, three stone rings, and many more. 

  • Halo Rings: 

This ring is one of the most popular engagement rings. Look for fashion round halo engagement rings that have a big piece of stone in the center, surrounded by many small pieces of diamonds. The dazzling shine of the ring is increased due to all the surrounded pieces of small diamonds, this is because all the small pieces of diamonds create an illusion and light up the center stone. The choice of center gems can be selected as sapphire, ruby, pink diamond, or morganite.

  • Solitaire Rings:

This type of ring is the most popular engagement rings. The most classic and the traditional ring type is solitaire style. These rings have a big piece of diamond, which makes it look elegant and simple. This ring never goes out of fashion. The modern shapes of stone such as oval, square, and round can make it look more adorable. This ring represents feelings of love. When simplicity is the case, these solitaire engagement rings are preferred first. 

  • Three Stone Rings:

As the name suggests, this ring has 3 stones. These stones can be in a line or if one stone is bigger than the other two stones then it can be placed in the centre, whereas other two can be placed adjacent to it. A great option is to choose two colorful stones which are placed adjacent and one colorless diamond placed at the center. The three-stone represents a deep meaning of past, present, and future. So before starting your journey propose your spouse by remembering the past, thinking about the present, and planning about the future. 

  • Vintage Rings:

Another popular ring style is vintage rings, these rings represent love. The body is made up of different metals, combining rose gold, yellow gold, and other metal types. Vintage designs are almost handcrafted from clothing to accessories which make it more precious and adorable. Choose the durable stone which enlightens your further journey.  

  • Cluster Rings:

This ring has a cluster of small pieces of diamond stones, that creates an illusion to look like a larger stone. Another name of this ring is ‘illusion ring’. The cluster rings are also available in traditional and modern asymmetrical designs. This ring represents brilliance and sparkle.

  • Eternity Band Engagement Rings:

Another popular ring type is eternity band engagement rings. This ring represents the everlasting and endless love. Another name for this ring is ‘infinity rings’. This ring has a chain of connected diamonds which are connected forever. Commonly these rings are gifted on wedding anniversaries, however, some couples customize it as an engagement ring.


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