6 Tools To Schedule Tweets With Images On Twitter in 2021


Social networks are an excellent way to promote your brand on the Internet and maintain direct contact with your customers and followers. Of all of them, Twitter is one of the most effective but at the same time one of the most demanding in terms of frequency and immediacy. This implies that you have to spend time planning your posts. Fortunately, you have a good handful of tools at your disposal to schedule your tweets.

Because sooner or later it will happen to you: “this tweet must be published on Monday at 12:05”, or “I will not be able to use a computer or mobile device next Monday and I must post on Twitter that day.”

The number of tools to schedule a day and a specific time on Twitter is huge, but those that allow you to  post a tweet on a day, at a specific time and with an added image or video are not so great.

We are going to review the tools that allow it, updated to its operation in 2021.

Today we bring you our selection of preferred tools to program tweets with images or video. Any of them will help you optimize your work process saving time and effort.

1. TweetDeck

TweetDeck is one of the best tools for scheduling tweets with text, images and video. To use it you only need to log in with your Twitter account. Among its advanced functions to manage the social network, you can have several tabs at the same time with different types of content. Of course, you can choose the day and time of publication.

The programming process is simple and intuitive, even if you are not an expert in social networks. Another of its advantages is that you can use it from your computer which mostly used for branding purpose like Children’s book illustration. And best of all, it’s free.

2. Postcron

Postcron is a freemium tool, with free and paid plans, to schedule tweets and posts on other social networks. The free version is sufficient for most users, since it allows to schedule up to 10 publications per social network.

Like the previous one, it can also be used from the computer. Besides adding photos, links, emoji’s, videos and watermarks with your brand, it has an additional functionality: ArtStudio. ArtStudio is a Canva-like tool with which you can create incredible infographics in a few minutes, images and texts with impressive fonts. In this way, you can further customize your posts.

3. HootSuite

HootSuite is perhaps the most popular tool for scheduling social media posts.

One of its main attractions is the large number of functionalities that it puts at your disposal: agenda, content curation, analytics of your social networks, monitoring of the activity of your accounts, management of work teams and content promotion, among others. You can even schedule a list of tweets in one step and upload it in batch.

If you want to manage more than a certain number of accounts, you will have to choose the paid version.

4. Stack

Stack is an application for scheduling tweets that comes from Mailchimp, the quintessential tool for email marketing management. The only drawback is that, at the moment, it is only available for Mac. Of course, in its home they say that it will be available for Windows shortly, something to be appreciated.

It is a very complete tool that allows you to schedule multiple tweets and publications on other social networks with ease. Links to Slack and Drive, facilitating team-to-team communication and bulk uploading via a Google spreadsheet.

Best of all, it is an application in constant evolution and, as they say, “it’s free forever and ever”.

5. Buffer

Buffer is another great for scheduling posts on Twitter. This tool allows you to add all the tweets with images that you want to publish and schedule dates and times that suit you best.

As with other tools, it has payment plans and a free version with which you can manage three social accounts and schedule up to 10 publications. You can easily register using any of your social media accounts or with your email.

In addition to scheduling your tweets with images, Buffer helps you choose the best time to share your content, send unlimited messages, obtain analysis on the impact of your publications and know how your followers are interacting.

6. TwitTimer

TwitTimer is a tool with a very simple and intuitive but complete interface. Its free version allows you to schedule up to 10 posts on Twitter, to which you can add an image, video and geolocation.

If you want to access more features, you will have to choose one of the payment plans, starting at $ 6.99 per month. In this way you can add up to 15 social accounts from Twitter and other social networks and schedule up to 500 publications.

One of its main advantages is that you can upload your tweets using a CSV file. It also links to the Bitly link shortener and allows you to save drafts of your scheduled publications to retrieve them whenever you want.

This is just a small list of the tools that we consider to be the most effective due to their functionality and ease of use. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Choosing one or the other will depend on your needs and expectations.


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