6 Tips to DIY In House Painting


Painting home is a challenging and time taking task and needs the experience to have a perfect finish. The walls of the house get dull, and paint starting chipping off over time. For keeping the home in the best condition, it is essential to repaint them after a specific time. There is no thumb rule that specifies the time after which a family must get painted. It all depends upon the quality of paint used.


If you are going to paint your home yourself, the following tips will surely help you achieve the best results.


  1. Make A Plan

Before starting your work, make a complete plan.This plan must include the time to start the work, which areas to be painted, the items required in the painting procedure. Pre-planning will save you time.


  1. Prepare Walls and Room


To end up with perfectly smooth walls, you need to prepare them before painting. Sand the walls with sanding paper to level out ridges and holes. Use a damp sponge to clean the walls. Use primers to increase paint bonding. Cover all the things you do not want to paint in the room, such as furniture and floor.


  1. Choose proper color


Generally, there are two types of paints i.e., warm paints and cool paints. Warm paints include vivid colors such as orange, red beige and are used in the kitchen, dining, and living room. While cool paints include grey, brown blue, etc. and give a soothing effect. Suh colors are used in bedrooms or home offices. Choose the proper color for all areas of your home to give a perfect look.


  1. Invest in tools


Purchase high-quality painting tools such as paintbrushes, rollers, roller covers, roller extenders, covering tape, sanding papers, primers, ladder, drop cloth, etc. if you have better equipment, you will end up having a final finish like a professional.

  1. Wash roller Cover


Washing of roller cover before its first use is also known as preconditioning of roller cover. It includes washing them with water and a little bit of liquid soap. It helps in removing the loose fiber. After washing you, there is no need to dry it; you can use it right away.


  1. Avoid Lap Marks


Eliminating lap marks is a secret to have a finish in painting. Lap marks are actually those ugly stripes build-up by uneven layers of paint. Wet edge technique is used to avoid lap marks, which means move quickly enough that the paint that is being applied will flow into the just applied paint.


I hope the above-mentioned tip will help you to DIY home painting in a perfect way.

But home painting needs patience and expertise. If despite all your efforts, you do not achieve the required results, you can take help from experts providing in-house painting services in Dubai. They understand your vision and convert it into reality.



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