5 Work Safety Precautions for Highway or Road Construction During Night


During the night, people often tend to break the traffic rules since roads are mostly empty. Most of the accidents take place during the night because of the speedy vehicles moving down the road without following the rules. Carrying out construction work on the highways or roads during night time is daunting.

There are times when you have to follow instructions of your superiors where they demand you for an emergency construction. Most of the work is carried out during midnight when roads are mostly empty, but nothing should be taken for granted. You must immediately hire traffic control and management services which can monitor and manage traffic as well as prevent accidents on your site. This way, you can focus on your work and complete it on time without having to worry about the traffic and accidents.

Here are some safety precautions that traffic control and management service providers will help you get while you work during night-

1) Coming with a plan- Every project must start with a solid plan, whether it is related to the construction or transport management. The plan must include the following-


  • Smart ways to carry out the work
  • Temporary traffic control and management
  • The flow of heavy equipment
  • Storage of machines and material
  • The period to complete the work
  • Number of workers required for the job
  • Safety equipment needed for the work

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2) Wearing proper safety equipment- Workers who are working at the construction site during the night must be trained to wear all the safety equipment before initiating their work. Accidents can happen anytime, whether it is with a vehicle or while working with certain machines. Therefore, workers must wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), highly visible or fluorescent clothes, steel-toed boots, hearing protection, face masks, helmets, gloves and so on. Visible clothing will make you noticeable from a distance during the night as drivers coming with speeds will slow down and shift to the other lane.

3) Using portable traffic signals- Many a time, a construction site is not visible when you are coming with speed; it only comes in notice when you are an inch away! Scary, right? Therefore, the best precaution is to place portable traffic signals and signage that reflects and are apparent from a distance. Putting hoardings at some distance displaying messages of construction can divert the traffic and prevent an unforeseen situation.

4) Using ample lights- Working in the dark without adequate lights can lead to construction errors, mishaps, accidents and at the worst death. Therefore, sufficient lights must be placed at various places near the construction sites so that workers can look into the work and complete their jobs without getting injured. Secondly, installing lights can make a construction site visible to the eyes of drivers, and they can slow down their vehicle’s speeds.

5) Creating separate work areas- Separate work stations must be created, and teams must be made to handle the operation with a supervisor. It helps to break down the fuss and chaos at a single area and prevents confusion that may lead to work hazards.



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