5 Ways To Increase Foot Traffic in Your Shopping Center!

Shopping center

When it comes to having a shopping mall store, foot traffic is one of the most important things needed. More foot traffic means more customers and high sales.

But, with the world becoming digitally oriented and people moving online, it becomes daunting to get more customers to your shopping centers. So, how will you get more people to your shopping mall? Here are few tried and tested methods:

Community Spaces Are The Need Of Era!

Does your shopping center have some sort of entertainment or any leisure space? If not, it’s time to add now!

Community spaces like a playground for kids or toy areas make the kids more entertaining, and parents can shop with ease. You can also consider open community theaters spaces for magic performances, music, splash pads in summer, ice skating, and more.

If you already have entertainment spaces for kids, consider adding a lounge, benches, or adult swings. Also, amenities like photo booths, chargers, free-Wi-Fi will keep people in your area for a long time.

A Strong Social Media Presence:

Just maintaining the physical appearance is not enough; you need to have a virtual space. You can start from social media platforms like Facebook to build credibility and engage more with customers.

Offering exciting deals, events, and promotional events will keep your clients engaging and also keep the fresh spirit. Also, you can advertise in weekly ads to let customers know that you have an upcoming event. For instance, Costco weekly ads always consist of ongoing sales and events, which attract customers from many areas.

Some shopping centers also leverage the power of Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter and use the relevant hashtag to attract more youthful and deeper followings. Besides, through advertisements and social media, you can target audiences through age, location, and other demographics.

One of the most emerging brand named Pakistan Event is very effective in the case of social media also. They provide latest news about the major events in Pakistan.

Maintaining Unique And Fresh Signage:

Your shopping center signboard is a welcoming address to customers and visitors, so don’t sideline it. It’s the first thing that the customers see and can also be a deciding factor for them to decide whether or not to visit your center.

Keep it fresh every 5-10 days; you can also use chalkboards to add a bit of quirkiness to the signs. Just make sure that the signage depicts your updated offering, deals, and offers.

Have A Good Salesman/Employees:

Having a good salesman who can convert your clients to sales is the most amazing thing. Of course, you can have the most amazing store, you implement the new gimmicks and also run amazing deals, but what if your staff is not offering high-quality customer services?

Will there be any customer-retention? Will they suggest your store to someone? No!

With poor services, you will be hard-pressed to drive more sales and customers. Retailers do their best to convince us to have their products, but if visitors are not handled the right way, all the money and efforts will go in vain.

So, spend some money on employee training and let them know how to handle new customers. If you have no time for proper training, just teach them to welcome the customers with regard, show them what they wish for, and obliged them when they are done.

Let them know that customers are bringing business, so it is very important to keep them happy. Stay upbeat and have a professional smile on your face.

Get Your Business Listed:

If you are a retailer, you should focus on managing local profiles with listing platforms. This will ensure that you have an updated location and have prompt ‘call to action.’ Make sure you include:

  • Working hours of your business
  • Lots of reviews
  • Name, address, and phone number
  • Visual content like images or maybe a virtual tour

If you follow the above tips, your shopping center will become more than just a place to shop.



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