5 types of Leaf springs: Mitsubishi Suspension Springs


It is safe to say that many car breakdowns can be avoided by routine maintenance and repair. One of the main parts of a vehicle that requires frequent repair is the suspension. Suspension generally affects the experience of driving a car; it is made possible by installing strong leaf springs.

The overall function of a leaf spring is to support the car firmly. Also known as suspension sprigs, they allow for an easy ride by absorbing bumps and potholes. In most cases, drivers never know they need new springs until the old ones break or wear down.

With a wide variety of springs in the market, it may be a daunting process to choose your vehicle’s best type. The following are the different types of leaf springs based on the number of plates.

1. Multi-Leaf Springs

A multi-leaf spring is made up of one leaf with additional leaves linked to it using spring clips. It allows vehicles to carry greater loads without a hustle effectively.

Multi spring leaves are mainly used for light commercial vehicles as well as heavy luggage vehicles.

2. Mono Leaf Springs

These types of springs suit passenger vehicles or light trucks. They have a thicker central lining, similar to the multi-leaf springs but with extra plates.

Leaf Spring Shapes

1. Semi-Elliptical Springs

These springs are mostly used in trucks and fitted in the vehicles’ front and back axles. In passenger cars, these springs are installed only at the back. The normal suspension is fitted at the front.

Semi-elliptical springs are pocket friendly and require less form of repair.

2. Quarter Elliptical Spring

These types of springs are only a quarter portion of the full normal spring.

3. Three-Quarter Elliptical Spring

Three-quarter elliptical springs are composed of semi-elliptical and quarter elliptical springs, mainly used in old cars.

4. Transverse Springs

They have an inverted shape. One end is joined with a chassis frame, and the other end is joined with an axle.

5. Full-elliptical Spring

Full-elliptical swings are made up of two semi-elliptical springs put together in the opposite direction.

Purpose of a Leaf Springs

Most new leaf springs are black in color, and their primary function is to absorb the gravity of excessive weight.

Leaf springs have made it easier for farmers to haul and transport heavy farm products. The use of leaf springs has made it easier for constriction vehicles to carry heavy loads. In areas with a lot of snow, snowplows and trucks are equipped with leaf springs to maneuver easily throughout the winter. Tow trucks need heavy-duty springs to tow equally heavy vehicles behind them.

Mitsubishi L200 Leaf Springs

There are numerous springs available to suit a variety of needs. The Mitsubishi L200 springs offer maintains high standard rides and is 20% stronger than the normal springs. They offer smooth rides and are long-lasting. They offer suspension when carrying and towing a load. Find out more information on the Mitsubishi L200 springs before your next purchase.


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