5 Tips To Control Your Blood Sugar Level


Blood is a liquid that flows throughout our bodies. It is responsible for the transportation of several important minerals, nutrients and fluids from one part of the body to another.

One of the most important things the blood carries is sugar. Blood sugar is also known as Glycaemia. Our body derives its sugar from the food we eat.

Since blood sugar is responsible for adequate functioning of the human body, its level needs to remain balanced for our body to function properly. If the blood sugar level is lower or higher than the normal limit, it can create several complications.

In this article, we will take a look at 5 tips that can help us control our blood sugar levels.

1.     Check Your Sugar Levels Regularly

To maintain a healthy sugar level in your body, you need to check your blood sugar levels regularly especially if you are a diabetic.

To check your blood sugar levels you need to have a blood sugar level testing machine at home. If you don’t have a blood sugar level testing machine at home you can visit your General Physician and get your blood sugar levels checked.

You may be wondering how can checking your sugar levels be helpful in controlling your blood sugar level?

The answer to this question is you can only take measures to either lower down or increase your blood sugar levels if you know where they are at.

So, the first step towards obtaining a healthy blood sugar level is to keep an eye on your levels and manage them accordingly.

2.     Eat a Balanced Diet

The best medicine to keep your blood sugar levels in check is your food. You need to eat a healthy and balanced diet and you will see how eating right can go a long way in tackling your blood sugar levels.

All you need to do is to maintain a diet that contains optimum amounts of carbohydrates, natural sugar, protein, and fats. Doctors guarantee that by eating a healthy and balanced diet, you can easily manage your blood sugar levels and live a healthy life.

These are a few things that you should avoid adding to your diet if you are at high risk of developing diabetes or you are a diabetic:

  • Sugary drinks
  • Alcohol
  • Highly processed food
  • Fast food

3.     Workout Daily

Working out in the gym or running on the track helps control blood sugar levels. Working out will help you to stay motivated and fit which will, in turn, help you in managing your sugar levels in a better way.

Moreover, it is a proven fact that working out helps reduce stress levels. A study shows that stress doesn’t cause diabetes but it can definitely play with your blood sugar levels so by reducing stress, you increase your chances of controlling sugar levels.

●      Socialize More

When you are on your own, you tend to overthink. This may lead to anxiety, depression, or even binge eating.

All of these can have a huge impact on your blood sugar levels. So, it is advisable to socialize and spend as much time as possible with your family and friends.

Such small changes go a long way in dealing with sugar level issues.

●      Drink More Water

Staying hydrated also helps maintain a healthy sugar level. Everybody should take at least 8 to 12 glasses of water every day. Moreover, whenever you feel thirsty, rather than quenching your thirst with a soft drink or processed juice, try drinking water or fresh fruit juices. Fresh juice of grapefruit is also pretty helpful in maintaining a healthy blood sugar level.

All in all, if you follow all these tips, you will definitely be able to control your blood sugar levels. However, if you do not feel well or see a spike in sugar levels, you should see the Best General Physician in Islamabad and get yourself checked.







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