5 Tips for Smoking Meat With an Electric Smoker


Electric smokers are easy to use because they are highly efficient. They make it easy for you to control temperature through a knob.

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Also, you can check the temperature with the help of a thermostat. Here are some tips through which you can enhance your cooking game by using the best electric smoker.

1. Season your grill

You should season your grill before using it for the first time. It helps to burn or remove any residue on the chip tray, cooking racks, or from stainless steel. Because there are chances that these particles might include in the manufacturing process.

A light coating of oil covers the interior surface of your electric smoker. After that for three hours run the device at 275F approximately.

Add some more chips to the chip tray during the seasoning final hour. This will creates smoke that for future use will prime the device.

2. Use your temperature probe

There are built-in thermostats in many electrical smokers but the temperature probe is the cheapest quality part of the whole electric grill.

Good quality or top brand grills may have premium quality thermometers. Because electric grills are the first choice of best BBQ chefs and they comfortably invest in it.

3. Cook at the proper temperature

To cook meat, it is important to keep the temperature moderate. Not all smokers provide the required temperature range.

Not only meat, but every food also has its specific range like at 225F ribs create enough smoke. Also, chicken uses a high temperature of almost 275F to properly cook.

4. Experiment with hardwoods

Not all electric smokers come with the option of food burning but the best electric smokers do have this option. You can create a custom blend of wood to dry rib, wet brine, or custom marinade.

As a cooking expert, you will not do any mistakes like blending two different wood types. But by blending hickory, fruitwood like apple and cherry with mesquite, or alder you also get successful. 

It is a general rule that applewood does not go well with the beef. Although all the other types of woods create a good smoking effect for meat. 

Here are some examples of the food that you can properly cook with specific woods Like

  1. Chicken is perfectly cooked and tastes well with every wood except maple and oak.
  2. Alder, mesquite, or oak are used to smoke fish to gives a delicious taste.
  3. When you smoke vegetables with maple, hickory, and pecan you get an amazing taste.
  4. Last but not the least, pork butt or pork shoulder works best will all types but not with oak and mesquite

5. Make sure you have plenty of time

To cook meat, electrical smokers are set at the lowest temperature so that it cooked perfectly without getting too much red. While in gas or charcoal grill temperature is set to a high level.

Long time gives better smoke flavors and unique texture to food. The average time of most popular smoked meats is about 75 minutes according to per pound of meat. By assuming the appropriate temperature of 225F.

6. Give yourself enough cooking space

It is better to use large cooking grills to cook food for large gatherings instead of the small one. Because at the end of the day, all you want is the large amount of food that you prepared by spending so much time.

To fulfill your requirement, use a vertical smoker. It increases your cooking area by taking a small space. Due to the facility of dual doors, you can smoke large meat pieces without cutting them.

It is better to cook a large meat piece rather than small pieces because somehow it will become difficult for you to handle food.

7. Keep your smoker clean

Electric smokers make food without creating too much mess. By good cleaning, you can increase the efficiency of the smoker. Try to clean the electric smoker after each cooking session.

Use a drip pan during cooking so that all the waste falls on it and the smoker remains clean. Make sure to clean the smoker from cast irons to the grates that smokers used in cooking.

When you are done with cooking, then clean the drip tray otherwise do not remove it during other cooking sessions.


Electric smokers are best in any way because they are more efficient and enhances the cooking experience every time. Through nob, you easily set the temperature to a high or low level. Also, with the help of a thermostat that is a part of every electric smoker you can check the temperature.

On the other hand, you do not have these features in a gas smoker. The temperature is set low to give natural smoke fragrance to meat. While in gas smokers, the temperature is high.

Like meat, every food has its own cooking time and temperature range. Try to control both to cook delicious foods. 


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