5 Tips for Hosting a Virtual Conference in 2021


virtual conference
A virtual conference isn’t just a concept created out of necessity during the pandemic. It’s something to be embraced! You have a large audience in the digital world, especially in 2021, so the best virtual conference platforms and ideas can help you grow your business and stay engaged with your industry. Learn about the top 5 tips for hosting a successful virtual conference.

Promote Your Virtual Conference

The success of your virtual event will weigh heavily on how many people attend. To ensure that you get a large turnout, you should start with an email and social media campaign to your existing clients and those on your lead email least. You can also create intriguing ticket designs for the event and even create your ticket for free.

To expand your reach to new potential clients and across your industry, you should post on discussion forums and connect with your network. Reach out to social media influencers and companies in your industry to inform them of the event and ask them if they’ll share information about the event with their followers. Be sure to follow up with your network and send notifications to remind your registrants of the event as it gets closer.

Get Your Gear Together

You certainly don’t want any technical difficulties to stress you out or put a damper on your virtual seminar. The host and the speakers should ensure that all technology, audio, and video equipment, and the background are all tested and set up for success. Here are some virtual conference ideas for organization and setup success:

  • Create a whimsical or professional looking background — think about your audience and what fits your industry.
  • Test audio and video well before the event, so you don’t have any surprises as the event gets closer. Then make sure you test your equipment hours ahead of the event.
  • Have backup equipment ready in case of malfunctions — an extra microphone, keyboard, and mice, and make sure everything is charged.
  • Have personal items set up to make things more comfortable. This can include water, snacks, pens, a notepad, and anything else that sets you up for success.
  • If you have SWAG that you plan on giving away during the event, display them neatly on camera for the audience to be drawn in.

Practice Your Hosting Skills

We all have those nightmares of being caught like a deer in the headlights in the moment of a speech at an event. You can easily avoid stage fright by practicing your speaking skills leading up to the event. A virtual conference has it’s own unique obstacles, so make sure you’re prepared with transitions and topics that are engaging in the digital world.

Provide Real-Time Engagement

It’s a bit more challenging to engage with your audience when it’s virtual rather than in-person. You can encourage people to engage with the live event by asking questions and keeping up with the chat and social media discussions. Responding to questions from the audience will create more content for your event, and people will feel like they’re getting more out of it than a simple recording.

Have Fun With It!

Your audience wants to see you be yourself and show that you’re excited about your own event. Staying passionate about the subject matter will show that you have a great service or product that your audience will want to look into. This is also great to combat any nerves and show authenticity that people will admire.

Embrace The Virtual Conference in 2021

We’ve certainly had a unique year in 2020, and 2021 may not be too different when it comes to conferences and events. A virtual conference allows you to stay engaged with your industry, stay on trend, and create new clients. Practice and embrace the digital world, and you’ll soon be a web host extraordinaire!

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