5 Tips for First-Time Home Sellers


With the New Year, ‘for sale’ signs are popping up in yards globally. Between the busy home-buying seasons and with the declining mortgage rates, homebuyers are out there searching for great deals.

Until recently, many home sellers have their pick thanks to unending bidding wars. Apart from selling home quickly, offers are coming in over the asking cost. If you are a first-time home seller and need to take advantage of these offers, you need to be strategic by considering some of the following tips:

Price the Property Right

Pricing your house the right way is a skillset you should have. Although you may wish to sell your property at a high cost, be keen when pricing your home. This is because high prices can scare off and send buyers away.

If your house stays too long in the market, it might develop a sigma, and many buyers could regard it as undesirable. It might not be enough to see your neighbors’ homes to determine what they are selling for. You will also have to consider many factors, including selling history, condition, and home location.

Introduce Fresh Fragrance

Bad smell is one of the biggest turn-offs for many prospective buyers. In the viewing days, ensure you make a few changes to avoid unpleasant odors creating a bad impression. Although opening windows can air out your home, it will not introduce a fresh fragrance.

Apart from opening windows, you can bake cakes during viewing days so as to fill your house with the aroma of domestic bliss. Lighting a scented candle or brewing fresh coffees are also easy ways to attain the same effect.

Make the Property Ready for New Buyers to Move

Before the closing day, do everything you can to make your house ready for a new buyer to move in. This could mean replacing leaky faucets, ripped screens, and broken baseboards. You can also update your yard and make cosmetic repairs.

At this point, professional movers like Sinclair Moving & Storage can pack your things and store them until you’re ready for the move to a new house. This will also make the property ready for prospective buyers.

Determine the Right Time to Sell

Currently, some real estates are in a state of constant flux. You might have noticed that a few properties in your neighborhood lined up for sale disappear come winter and fall.

This is because, in some markets, homes sell faster at a high price during summer. Those selling their properties during winter have probably landed a new job abroad. However, the right time to sell a home depends on a few factors, such as neighborhood, season, and area.

Research Thoroughly

Unless you purchased your house two weeks ago, the housing market changes after months or years. Because all markets are unique, their inventory shifts over time, and mortgage rates change.

Therefore, ensure to educate yourself on the things to expect, and the best way to achieve this is to properly do your homework.

Final Thoughts!

By the time you get ready to sell your home, you may no longer be that starry-eyed buyer imagining rainbows and roses behind the property with a good curb appeal. Whether you’re up for a change or want to upsize so as to accommodate your growing family, you can sell your first-home to get a new one.

Basically, selling a house is not simple, particularly to first-time sellers. Though if you research thoroughly and introduce a fresh fragrance to your property, you can easily sell your house.


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