5 Surprising Tips to Improve Your Sales Coaching

Sales Coaching

Sales coaching plays an important role in any organization in order to develop people, improve performance, and achieve goals. It is the best thought of as behavior as compared to a task where the focus is on helping team members’ self-assess as well as self-discover ways to fix the issues and grow.

The primary objectives of sales coaching are to:

  • Develop skills and knowledge
  • Provide ongoing feedback
  • Assess strengths
  • Improve behavior
  • Inspire motivation
  • Strengthen relationships

The goal of this coaching is to create an environment where employees can feel self-motivated to grow, excel, and take responsibility for what they do. Sales coaching plays a significant role in performance improvement and the success of the organization. In fact, it is an essential job a sales manager has. Below are the important tips to improve sales coaching within the organization:

  • Figure out where your reps need help
  • Start small and stay accurate
  • Create coaching scenarios
  • Share it with the class
  • Seek out internal and external resources

Figure out where reps need it most: When it comes to developing a program for sales coaching, it is essential to figure out where sales reps need it the most. To understand it, try a data-driven approach that compares the performance of your team against benchmarks to spot weaknesses. If you target their weak points or areas, coaching will have a great impact.

Start small and stay accurate: If you are doing in-person coaching, you should have reps act out an easy scenario in a role play like recording a voicemail to a prospect and allow them to give feedback on their delivery and messaging. With the help of video coaching tools, you can start small and help them understand how to use the technology.

When you start with small, you can get representatives warmed up to the idea of coaching as well as get them accustomed to various types of coaching, including a one-on-one with a manager or via a video coaching platform.

Create different types of coaching scenarios: There are several stages of the sales cycle. Sales coaching programs are not limited to one flavor, but it targets several skills and level of experience. For instance, you may want to coach newer reps on how to deliver an effective pitch, since they will still learn key product and company messaging. On the other hand, experienced might get benefits from being coached on a specific case, such as how to cross-sell or upsell one of their existing accounts.

Share it with the class: Sales coaching is not limited to managers and sales representatives. It can help the entire team involved because reps can learn just as much from each other as they can from coaches.

Share some good and bad responses from coaching activities and have reps give feedback. By doing this, weaker reps learn from stronger reps and help new reps on how to improve or take a different approach to win. Video coaching tools also help in making the process super easy by helping reps to send the recording to both managers as well as peers for full-circle feedback.

Check out internal and external resources: If you are new to sales coaching, you are not alone. Internally, you can lean on sales managers, sales reps, and leaders for ideas and inspiration. Externally, there are several resources available that can assist in improving sales coaching along with best practices and sales enablement professionals that are in the same boat.

You can use the internet to search and find a reliable consultant to assist you in improving your sales coaching and take your skills and knowledge to the next level.


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