5 Successful Techniques for Press Release Marketing


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Press releases are very much popular in the world of marketing. There is no question to the fact that journalists all around the world use press releases to write their stories. But at the same time, since there are thousands of press releases published in a day, it is highly likely that it will get lost in the bundle. To make sure this does not happen, it is important to come up with different techniques to ensure that press releases reach the journalists. For that, its marketing is done to capture the eye of all the relevant media personalities. Here are some tips and techniques to perform a successful press release marketing campaign. 

1. Research Your Audience

When it comes to marketing a press release, it is of utmost importance to have an idea about the audience you are trying to capture. Most of the audience to whom the press release is directed at consists of journalists. Research or survey conducted beforehand can go a long way when planning to market a press release. Through research, it becomes much easier to create a customized press release marketing strategy that targets journalists specifically. This helps in capturing the attention of the appropriate journalists instantly.   Want to know more about press release marketing techniques click here.

2. Create Out of the Box Content Strategy

Come up with a content strategy that no one has used before. Once you know your audience, it is much easier to create a content strategy that is tailored to perfection for the respective audience. Most journalists are tired of seeing the same kind of strategies all the time, therefore the content must be distinguishable and unmatchable. 

3. Use Social Media Platforms

Social media is the king of content. For the promotion of any content or business, social media platforms are the best tool. Create interactive posts around press releases to build intrigue in the hearts of the press releases. Ask friends and acquaintances to share the press release to increase its visibility and reach to the relevant journalists. 

4. Incorporate Email Marketing 

Use email marketing as a tool to endorse the importance of your press release. Pick out portions of your press release i.e. quotes from executives or lede paragraphs and share them in a correspondence you have with a journalist. Do not forget to add a reference to your press release. Even though there will be no direct linking to the press release, your email will have an impact on the thought process of the journalists. They are eventually persuaded to go through your press release. 

5. Use Distribution Channels

There are hundreds of distribution channels out there that offer services of promoting a press release. They have professionals with proper experience in the marketing of press releases and increase the number of views of a press release. By hiring their services, a press release can reach hundreds of relevant journalists, and the chance of getting a story picked up by a journalist increases rapidly as well. 


No matter what the situation may be, never forget that content is king in every industry. Press releases are a part of content marketing and can give the required boost to your marketing plan. Using these techniques the chances of running a successful marketing campaign for a press release are increased (if not guaranteed).   


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