5 Successful Link Building Strategies Which Still Works in Business

Link Building

With an increasing number of individuals foraying into the digital economy, the traditional methods of marketing have now been abandoned. Strategies like blog commenting and link building generating a greater number of backlinks, that were once used extensively, have now become irrelevant.

Now and then, the search giant – Google, comes with a new update, and hence keeping pace with the changing times becomes of paramount importance. On the other hand, for those who have tasted success in search engine optimization (SEO) have now adhered to the techniques that still work in 2020!

However, that does not mean that content creation is dead. Content marketing and SEO now go hand in gloves and hence could not be ignored. The creation of digital marketing copies and distributing them on the right channels for better marketing ensures that the company is right on its track.

Tip #1: Content Marketing for Link Building

While some may get irked by the fact that how can content marketing can drive link building, but in the hindsight it is simple. From infographics to guest posting and data-driven case studies, each material holds its unique material and hence could not be ignored at all costs.

For the sake of clarity, here is what is analyzed – an internal contributor and an external contributor.

An internal contributor: So your organization has finally helped a company achieve great results. Prepare a case study with all facts and figures and post it on social networks. The shares and likes will form better links and hence promote your material well.

An external contributor: On the other hand, one can always seek an expert from another organization to help you craft a suitable content for your company. This is a win-win situation as you will get a good piece of content and the contributor gains publicity.

These techniques are still relevant and can be said age-less. Furthermore, it being affordable, the technique is quite popular among the circles.

Tip #2: Broken Link Building and Link Reclamation

Broken link building has been one of the best practices. However, a lot of the marketers ignore the technique for the sake of its familiarity.

The process goes as follows

  • Search for websites with broken links.
  • Get in touch with the webmaster and build a rapport.
  • Ask to replace the broken link with the content of yours.

This will help all the organisations to function smooth in the long run.

However, despite similar rules, link reclamations differ otherwise.

The following technique works in favor of the brands that offer value. If a good number of websites are right about you, and do not link back to you, then you can get in touch with them and ask your product to be backlinked. The following could be achieved through modern-day tools like Content Explorer.

Narrow down your search to specific brands and you are good to go!

Tip #3: Provide Value

The ultimate aim of any sort of marketing is to provide value. Having a unique perspective that echoes the sentiments of the readers is what most look for. Be concise, clear, and relevant and you will have great traffic.

However, this does not end here. Great content is always shared. Online marketing works in wonders and hence sharing of great content becomes the utmost form of marketing and link building.

However, making content that evokes emotions is hard to build, especially when everyone is a content creator. Make sure to use the right tools and follow the guidelines to form crispy content that is second to none. Having great content that is easy to share is a great tool in your arsenal is a great way to get better link-juice.

Tip #4: Build your Stock Image Library

No matter where you live, as a content creator even the most exceptional writers get stuck in the process of finding the right image for the content. Search for sunsets and you would get tons of high-quality images in it. But search for something unconventional like the COVID-19 virus and you would not find a single graphics to help out.

Here comes the role of a gallery. Most often, content creators have a personal image gallery of their own. These galleries are best in class and second to none. What one can do in such a scenario is to build an online gallery to help out fellow writers. In exchange, they can provide a backlink to your site and enjoy great domain authority.

But before you dive into the idea, here are certain things you need to ask yourself.

  • Is my collection good enough?
  • Do people need my service?
  • Are all the images royalty-free?

.. and so on.

These questions will help you create something unique and would help you out in the long run.

Tip# 5: Using Podcasts for Link Building

The final way in the process is to use a podcast for link building purposes. The online marketing landscape entails a wide range of channels and podcasts have emerged as one of the prominent channels in recent years.

Online platforms use several techniques to market to produce and distribute them. There are two steps with the help of which a company could use the channel to rank high.

Podcasts can drive traffic to search for brand names online. These searches send the search engine signals that are positive at the very least.

On the other hand, podcasts can be embedded in websites as a part of content creation. This, in turn, also helps the company drive significant traffic to the website’s landing page.

No matter how you use podcasts, people looking for relevant content will always find the goal and hence podcasts have been laid great importance in recent years.

Concluding Remarks

The online marketing industry represents a huge domain with search engine optimization (SEO) forming a critical part of it. However, despite huge innovations and changing norms by the search giant, the industry has sustained best practices that work in 2020 as well. Search engine optimization has always been about link building and with the prevalence of quality backlinking the traditional methods have either exited the industry and are on the brink of extinction.


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