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Hemp Botanics, located in London’s Notting Hill on Portobello Road in August’s beginning, was the first company to offer what it calls “100 100% legal” CBD-rich, non psychoactive and non-psychoactive marijuana buds. The company sold many of its cultivars in the next week, this journalist was the first to purchase the CBD buds.

Bonnie & Clyde

Bonnie & Clyde produces the hemp buds used in Hemp Botanics. The company has a private cannabis club in Barcelona and its hemp cultivation operations are located in Switzerland. This year the demand for high CBD and low-THC products was growing rapidly.

The buds grown indoors look as, taste, and smell exactly like the real thing. They’re available in a range of varieties like Bonnie’s Cookies or Purple Haze and contain up to 23 percent CBD. The company has not disclosed the THC levels, but they are believed to be lower than 0.4%. Also available is a 7% CBD Hash.

Buy hemp flower in Europe is said to contain less than 0.2 percent THC levels in line with UK law, which brings the legitimacy of these items in doubt. Hemp Botanics is yet to answer questions on the issue. However they state on the site that their product is legally produced in Europe.

The First United Kingdom

The buds are the very first high-quality hempbuds available in the UK, as stated earlier. Before now, anyone who was looking for hemp CBD must consume hemp grown for industrial uses. These hemp buds are usually spongy with many seeds and sold online as hemp tea.

Bonnie & Clyde has launched the first product of its kind that is sold in the UK CBD market. Despite only being available for a few of weeks at the time of writing this article, the product already has 14 gleaming reviews from very pleased customers. Bubble gum cannabis oil.

Hemp Botanic’s Bonnie and Clyde Cherry (13-15% CBD).’ was evaluated by Ben an individual who is extremely pleased with the product. Ben said, “I have been using the “Bonnie & Clyde” products continuously. It’s my absolute favorite one! This is a truly sweet scent! It’s definitely a scent for those who love sweets! ”

The Real Deal

This journalist has to be able to accept. Perfect for smoking, vaping or pressing into rosin Hemp Botanic’s Bonnie and Clyde CBD hemp buds are real. The CBD levels are high, which provides an intense relaxation effect to the body. Additionally, the taste and smell of the CBD hemp buds add authenticity and pleasure to the experience.

If you are looking for CBD-rich hemp flower europe buds with no psychoactive effects, I can’t recommend this product enough. Be sure to place your order in before it sells out, because as word gets out, these buds are going to become extremely popular like it is in Switzerland


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