5 Must-Have Cyber-Security Tech-Gear of 2020

5 Must-Have Cyber-Security Tech-Gear of 2020

Do you like apples?

I’m sure you do. Everyone does. Health benefits plus the crunchy texture. Best of both worlds. Now, imagine taking an eager bite out of the most perfect, reddest apple ever and finding bits of worm guts in it. “Gross!” you’ll yell as you spit it out. Apples will never be the same for you, not anymore.

But, the fundamental question is:

How did that little intruder slither its way in before you? Spoiling the apple and leading to an early decay?

Just like certain cyber-rogues, who creep into your unsuspecting network and release toxic malware. They destroy the whole online experience for you and wreck whatever you’ve built over the years in a second.

These parasitic hackers and malicious software are in big trouble now. Do you know why? Because 2020 is the year when they’ll go home utterly defeated. Until now they’ve been uncontainable, mostly undetectable too, but this is the year they truly meet their match.

Do you see knights in steel armor, reflected in the rising sun, coming from the edge of the horizon? Those are the anti-malware threat-preventers and cyber-defenders. Let me showcase them for you.

Ultimate Safety Software

When you can’t handle something alone, you call in your techno-saviors. This is what happened in the past when humans weren’t able to analyze or deal with millions of network-threat alarms that surfaced with their uber-complex make-up.

It was a headache for everyone until some genius came up with the idea of an automatic ‘detection and prevention’ software consisting of a machine-learning algorithm. Cool, right? In this way, Cylance was the first to come, followed by Symantec, McAfee, Trend Micro, etc. I tell you, 2020’s filled with such amazing software!

Most-Efficient Gatekeepers

When your internet connection is protected by a fierce gateway that senses, sorts, and binds any kind of threat that tries to silently pass by, then you don’t need to worry AT ALL. “But, what about my firewall? Doesn’t that perform the same function?” you might ask.

Well, yes. Almost. But not as efficiently as a specially-tuned threat-intelligence gateway, like Ixia, LookingGlass or Centripetal, which incapacitates malware by volumes. 2020 sure can be a lucky year for you if you choose an ISP with a good security suite up its sleeves.

Spectrum deals could be worth checking out for the purpose as they are cost-effective as well as secure for their clients.

Sturdiest DNS Services

The threat might come in the garb of a malevolent domain. To catch it and nip it in the bud, ninja-like DNS services always stand ready. No hazardous IP address or a contaminating zone can creep by them.

With their powerful defenses, they keep the network secure and running. 2020 brings Cisco’s OpenDNS to the forefront, followed by Neustar, Quad9, and Comodo. Be sure to take advantage of these super-sturdy DNS services and kick the threats in the butt!

Best Decentralization

What a wonderful strategy to disperse different functions to remote locations! To micro-segment networking data so that it stays protected from streamlined attacks. Because you see, when everything’s accumulated in a single location, the chance of being annihilated increases significantly.

Distributed focus can be disorienting, like a house of mirrors effect. In this case, technologies that highlight 2020 are VMware NSX, ShieldX, Illumio, Cisco ACI, etc.

All-Intelligent Tools

There are some handy tools, like AppDefense, Edgewise, and ThreatStack, which you can install to keep your network safe, RIGHT NOW. Usually, what these tools do is that they account for application profiles and regulate the flow of online activity for which they set a baseline as well.

But their golden feature is that they sense when suspicious stuff starts to appear, give exact alerts and block the threats as well. Convenient, right?

So, what are you waiting for? Start 2020 with this powerful cyber-protection tech-gear, coupled with the super-awesome Spectrum home network, which complements it really well. Don’t believe me? Try it out for yourself.


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