5 Major Dancewear Tips for Amateur Dancers



After you have joined a dance class for the first time, perhaps you get unsure which ones to pick due to the wide range of available promising dancewear that you can choose from. Make sure not to panic because this article will help you with that issue. Keep on reading to know about the helpful tips on what to wear for your upcoming dancing classes.

Dance Leotard

There’s a range of various high-quality dance clothing that you can wear for various dance styles. One of the basic uniforms that most dancers wear would be leotards. If possible, try to check with a dance school whether they have a specific colour scheme for leotards that you should follow. If your school doesn’t follow any colour scheme, feel free to stick with the classic black or choose your favourite colour that you enhance with some accessories. As soon as you get this information, you’ll be able to choose a particular style that you can buy in your trusted dancewear shop and proudly wear in your upcoming dance classes.

Dance Skirts

You can choose to wear leotards and layer dance shorts or skirts on top of it. It’s for you to decide whether you wear black or a matching colour. You can see plenty of dance skirts available in stores today. When it comes to ballet, the usual outfit would be a short wrap around sheer skirt.

Jazz Pants or Dance Tights 

Depending on what dance class you attend, you can wear different options of leotard. For dance styles such as Tap, Modern, and Jazz, you can choose to wear your leotard and layer it over with Jazz pants. For a ballet class, pink tights are what’s required to use. This item is commonly thick with a seam up at the back.

Dance Shoes

The shoes that you will need to use differ from one dance type to another. For that, you need to head out and visit a dance shop, pick the right dance shoes, and get them fitted by an expert because shoes with poor fitting can result in sore feet or bad habits. If you don’t want to experience those instances and make sure that you’re comfortable as you dance while wearing them, choose well-fitted ones.

As you try on the dance shoes that you’re eyeing, make sure to think about what you’ll be wearing with them—socks or tights, for instance. It would be best if you wear them as you try on your new shoes to ensure that you’ll have the perfect fit so that your feet will feel great while you move.

T-Shirts and Cardigans

If you’re a first-time wearer of a leotard, this experience can be new and overwhelming. But doing so can indeed help in making you feel like an actual dancer. As a result, you’ll drastically improve your posture in no time with leotards. Many people choose to wear t-shirts or ballet cardigans on top of it to warm up and begin class. You can also wear a traditional ballet cardigan, which wraps over your torso and is tied back. Such a cardigan type is available in different colours that you can choose from. T-shirts are what the dancers usually wear, especially in Modern and Jazz dance classes.

Hopefully, this article has provided you with helpful ideas on which dancewear is perfect to wear for your upcoming dance class.


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