5 Main Advantages of Steel Entry Doors


Entry doors are the key features of any home since they are the first thing that is noticed by the visitors entering inside, and they act as a protective barrier that offers not only protection but also privacy. In short, they are considered as the last line of defence that separates your home and the outside world. Since they are meant to act as a barrier and simultaneously uplift the curb appeal of your house, you should make a right front door choice.

Earlier, people were limited to designs and door material, but now there are ample options to choose from; one of them being steel. Steel doors and windows are an artistic solution when it comes to style and durability. Steel can be experimented with in obtaining custom-designed looks, robustness and chicness whether you are planning to install it for your home or office.

Let us look at the various advantages of installing steel doors-

1) Better Durability- The main factor to look in a door is its durability. The steel used in the production of doors passes through thermally-bonded zinc galvanizing process that makes it bear the hardest of the weather conditions. They are coated with a corrosion-resistant coating that protects them from wear and tear and oxidization. If we talk about wooden doors, they become weak with time as they are susceptible to cracks, dampness and wear and tear. Therefore, steel doors become a premium choice for entry doors.

2) Uplift Home’s Curb Appeal- Having a front door that has become obsolete and weak may appear sore to the eye. Besides, it can easily decrease the aesthetic look of your beautiful house. If your entry door has become old, it is time to get it replaced with a solid steel entry door that can upgrade the look of your house as it comes in various designs. They are incredibly versatile in terms of customization.

3)Custom Styles- If you think that steel doors look like plain silvery material, then you are wrong. With the latest trends and technology, they can be moulded into providing a sleek and clean look that you want. They can blend with the architectural style of your house whether it is modern, contemporary or classy. The good news is you can get them painted in any color you like. Secondly, they come in various styles with different functions like French doors, sliding, double, and bi-fold.

4) Excellent Energy Efficiency- Maintaining energy efficiency to the high levels is important in all types of climatic conditions. Therefore, if your doors have loose material, hinges, bolts, it can let the airflow in and out, and that could be a major problem. But when you opt to install a steel entry door, they act as a protective barrier and doesn’t let the air to escape or enter; thereby increasing the energy efficiency and reducing the bills.

5) Factory Finishes- The latest technology used, pre-treatments with metal and topcoats provide an excellent finish to the steel doors, making them maintenance free for quite a time. The treatment involves galvanizing, electro-coat primer, powder coatings, urethane enamels and many more things to make them durable and life-long.


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