5 Important Vastu Shastra Rules for Goodwill of your Home


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The ancient Indian teachings of Vastu Shastra help to organize the space of the house and harmonize the energy in it. According to this philosophy, there are things that need to be blacklisted, as they “poison” the atmosphere in the home.

The Vastu Shastra is the science of architecture. People saw themselves as part of the universe. That is why they tried to live in harmony with nature and the environment. So it was only logical that buildings should also be built in harmony with the energy fields of the universe. Originally reserved for those in power, this knowledge was kept secret for a long time and only passed on to their students by Vastu Shastra masters. We are going to discuss how to equip an apartment, according to the teachings of famous Vastu Expert in Ludhiana right down below.

  1. Broken items

If you still hesitate to throw things in the trash that have chips, scratches or other damage, then it’s time to do it. Experts say that by removing such items, you will demonstrate respect for the home.

If this or that attribute has a sacred meaning for you, then you should return it to its original appearance, fix it, glue it or sew it up.

According to Indian spiritual practices, before throwing away a memorable thing, it must be thanked for bringing joy to the owner.

  1. Sharp objects and corners

Deer or elk antlers in the home can provoke conflicts in the family. And an excessive number of sharp corners is a bad sign at all. In such a house, they often get sick, experts say.

It is bad Vastu Shastra if a sharp angle points to your bed or workplace – your career and personal life can be hurt. Special overlays will help to smooth the corners.

  1. Corner of love

The corner of love is the far upper right corner of the room if you stand with your back to the front door. It categorically should not contain water, experts say. If there is a bathroom in this area, the door should always be kept tightly closed.

It is better not to stir aquariums, a vase of flowers, a washing machine or a mirror in the corner of love. Otherwise, there is a risk of losing a sensual connection with certain people.

  1. Heavy objects in the bedroom

The blacklist of prohibited things that should not be in the bedroom includes paintings of people, mirrors that you can look into while lying in bed, televisions, and exercise equipment.

According to famous Astrologer in Ludhiana, it is advisable to use neutral or pastel colors in the interior of the bedroom – no more than two shades. Brown, chocolate, and other colors are recommended.

  1. Chi energy

The main essence and all the skill of Vastu Shastra are to attract favorable energy into the house, experts say.

Obstacles to this energy are a long hallway with a bedroom at the end, beams on the bedroom roof, and a staircase right in front of the front door.

In home decor activities, benefits of succulent plants also play an important role.

If there are such obstacles in the house, it is advised to mitigate their negative effect with the help of mirrors, carpets, and indoor plants.


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