5 Home Electrician Mistakes that must be Avoided


As we all know, electricity is a bad power, and no one can connect to it. In 80% of cases, this happens.

Mistake #1: Knocks out “automatic.”

This problem is common for those living at home and looking for hands-on experience, but the information is not enough.

Very good: crushing an explosion, which can be for many reasons. Why do you understand that because you can turn this machine into something more powerful! Business in 5 minutes! For example, it is located at 16A and defines it at 25A, the result of which is illustrated below.

We don’t know about you, but we are not comfortable with such photos … Think why there was a risk to a certain face?

Mistake # 2: If there is no “ground” in the outlet

They are still trying to protect themselves from electricity, but not everyone is doing well. Generally, if Vasya’s electric uncle speaks zero, it means some “integrated farming”, like climbers and the same thread. And it’s dangerous! This thing usually happens when someone took their own ideas for home automation which is truly dangerous.

Restoring unconventional resources can lead to disaster rather than security. But there is so much security, too often.

Mistake #3: Vandalism

There are some of the “electrical conductors”, especially those who come, that take them out of the cable core to support the work without making underwater strobe and they can install wires without them.

Such “work” is only destructive! Could you not do it again? If you have ever seen such work, by no means spend the money to destroy objects and lead these “fire extinguishers” to a good fight.

Mistake #4: Twisting

The most common cause of all fires is conduction problems. And you guessed it. The most challenging heating occurs when the cord is in place. As a result, the conversion is illegal even if they do their job …

Mistake # 5: Break of “zero” due to ignorance

If you cut or treat a neutral cord, it is not 220 V, but 380 V comes home … Of course, some of the equipment included so far will not be able to withstand such damage.

The Personal Experience:

Here, like it, the light flashed and suddenly began to shine, then everything went out, and once the lights were restored, most of the lights went out! It would be a great surprise if he burned himself when an electrician came to his neighbors, apparently for fear …

We were urged in the emergency department to call a specialist of our neighbors to make a decision. We cannot understand anything in the wiring and the electrician, as we can see, will notice that they were cut or not cut there, the neighbors were not paying attention.


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