5 Great Brainstorming Techniques


Through the years, people have used brainstorming techniques to come up with ideas and innovative solutions to encountered problems. Brainstorming can be done as a solo mission or as part of a collaborative team. It is a newly fangled niche with a wide range of applications for individuals and corporations alike. Brainstorming techniques are utilized by content marketers, genre writers, and even by web and software development teams.

Brain netting

This is also referred to as online or virtual brainstorming. It is a group brainstorming exercise carried over an online platform. You can do it in real-time (if your clients are within the same time zone), or utilize apps like Google docs to set up running documents that can be updated at any time and from anywhere on the globe.

Roles storming

Role storming is the equivalent of role-playing for brainstorming purposes. Basically, you develop a scenario, and team members act out different roles to come up with possible solutions. Once the acting is complete, the team sits down to evaluate and eventually come up with recommendations on how the process can be improved.


This method of brainstorming has comparably more structure. During a brainwriting session, participants are asked to write a specified number of ideas that relate to a topic. You then pass the list to the person sitting adjacent to you, and they build-up on your ideas as the list moves around the circle. It is usually a nonverbal process. Once the paper completes a full cycle, the group holds a discussion and decides which strategies to embrace and which ones to discard.

This method is great for group brainstorming sessions because it ensures there is equal participation. All members of the group have to engage at some point. You also eliminate any biases and preferences attached to the first idea. This technique is very effective in tech companies like Inventables, to inspire creativity in their product development teams.

Word storming

In word storming sessions, participants are provided with a topic, and they write down the first words that come to mind. These words are then analyzed collectively to determine their relationship. It can be done as a group or solo. This technique works best in creativity tasks where you are stuck and unable to complete, or for copywriters. This is because it assists you to formulate new solutions for problems or concepts. This brainstorming exercise is best for introverts.


Freewriting is a century-old brainstorming technique that was used by early writers. In this method, the participant is provided with a topic and requested to write in continuous prose and without stopping for a set period of time.


The list is endless. Other than the above-mentioned techniques, there is a wide variety of alternative methods you can use to brainstorm like reverse brainstorming, round-robin, storyboarding, and mind mapping. Pick the technique that works best for you and optimize your potential.

Food For Thought

Brainstorming can help writers come up with creative content for articles and blogs. Organizations can benefit too. Setting up regular brainstorming sessions enhances your staff’s level of response and innovation. Brainstorming techniques help you build a culture of creativity; they help you harness the power of thinking outside the box to find amazing, unique solutions and ideas.


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