5 Factors that Affect the Quality of Juicer


By now, people are aware that health is of priority and they also know what foods can help them build immunity. People focus on drinking juices to keep themselves hydrated while gaining all the nutrition they have to offer. Many have already bought a juicer for their home and many are in the process of researching the juicer.

You know what the qualities of a good juice are. Equally important to know are the qualities of a good juice maker. Some of the factors that you must consider when buying are the material of the jars, the power of the machine, the noise levels, its durability and affordability.

The Material

The jars of a juicer could be made of food-grade plastic or steel. Whichever you choose, you must ensure that the quality of material used is superior. This is very important because it directly impacts the quality of juice and its hygiene.

The Power

You do not need a juicer that is very powerful unless you are extracting a lot of juice every day, but you must have a minimum threshold of power that is a must. This power requirement will also depend on the kind of juicer you are selecting. A cold-press juicer uses very low power because of the way it functions. For a centrifugal juicer, the wattage requirement should be 750 -800 watts.

The Noise Levels

While you want the juice, you also crave peace and quietness. A noisy juicer will make the experience of juicing less pleasurable, though the kitchen will seem much quieter after you stop. Jokes apart, a juicer that can do its work without making too much noise is certainly preferable.


When you invest in any appliance, you would have the intention of using it for a long time to come and it can be very upsetting if it suddenly conks off and you need to buy another product. To avoid this, you must look for a product that has been tested for quality and gives you assurance in the form of a warranty. The certification and warranty are essential to building confidence in a brand.


This is a factor that people often priorities over anything else. No doubt it is important but not the most important. It is better to spend more on a good quality product once rather than spending less and spending again after realizing your mistake. There are many good juicer maker available in the market. What you need to do is find the best mixer grinder in India one that is optimal for your needs and your pockets.

These are the most important factors. Apart from these, you may want to look at the design, the effort required in cleaning it and the ease of storage as some other factors. While these are not as important, they certainly matter when choosing an appliance for home. Do discuss with friends and family, get their opinions and listen to their experiences. This will help you be a good judge for your own purchase.


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