5 Examples of Email Reactivation Campaigns Using Best Practices


Email marketing is one of the most effective and lucrative marketing strategies out there. By spending a mere $1, you can get a whopping $44 in return. 

But this is only effective if your customers open their engagement emails.

What if they don’t anymore?

You don’t need to fret or even try to acquire new clients (a costly practice, after all). With the help of these examples of email reactivation campaigns, you can finally win back your inactive subscribers in style.

Short and Sweet Reactivation Campaign

Developed by Dean Jackson of I Love Marketing, this is one of the best re-engagement email examples. All you need to do is write ten words to your inactive subscriber that’s targeted specifically to that person.

It goes something like this:

Subject line: Anna, still looking for a purse?

Dear Anna, 

Are you still looking for a new purse?


How does this help win back email subscribers? For one, this short question seems to trigger the brain to respond. It finds it hard not to engage with a good query, after all.

As the name suggests, it’s all about keeping reactivation emails simple. Avoid giving further information in your subject lines. Don’t use graphics or images. The plainer it is, the better.

This should also come with personalized email subject lines. Remember, statistics show that this practice yields higher open rates (50%) for reactivation email campaigns. 

Use a Video for Your Engagement Email Campaign

More than just sending a series of emails, you should forward an engaging personalized video. Remember, these reactivation emails come with a whopping 300% open rate. 

It’s not that hard to create, too. All you need to do is shoot one with the Loom or Bon Jovi program and attach it to your message. 

You can spark interest in your video with a script like this one:

Dear Anna,

I was going through my business contacts when I saw your name. It reminded me of our talk a few months ago about your interest in buying a purse. 

Are you still thinking of purchasing one right now?

If so, I’d love to talk more about this.

Looking forward to engaging with your emails,


This engagement email campaign is not only for inactive subscribers; it’s a good way to do some cold prospecting as well. A good email example for such is this:

Hey Anna, 

I just visited your website, and I’m impressed with your CTA and number of subscribers. 

However, it seems like it’s not as mobile-friendly as most websites. You can do this easily by (insert strategy here via video). 

If you want to learn more about improving your website, you can join me in my webinar regarding usability next week. It’s completely free – all you just need to do is click on this link!

Looking forward to seeing you!


Send a Thank You or Miss You Email

This is one of the most common ways to invite back inactive customers. Even you might have received this type of reactivation campaign. 

To engage your customer, you should create an email marketing script such as this one: 

Dear Anna,

Thank you for being one of our prized customers. My business continues to thrive because of supportive patrons like you. 

At the same time, I want to say sorry if you didn’t hear from us for quite some time. 

I see that your last purchase was made over a year ago. We’d love to see you again! To show our gratitude, I’ve included this 20% discount coupon for your next order. 

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


This reactivation email campaign works because you admit to your inactive subscribers that you haven’t done enough. Although their failure to engage might be apathy on their part, stroking their ego and including a discount coupon could prod your subscriber to purchase once again. 

You can even use this strategy for direct mail users, too!

Include a Free Sample or Trial in Your Reactivation Email

If you still want to hear from your inactive subscribers, you should give them a taste of the product or service they have been eyeing on. 

Use an engagement email script like this one:

Subject line: Enjoy your gift!

Dear Anna,

I see you enjoyed using our CRM software in the past. As one of our treasured subscribers, I’m giving you a chance to use it again for another month.

If you need help with this program, our experts are ready to assist you.

Talk soon,


Send a Gift Card With Your Engagement Email

This is all about delighting your subscriber. Plus, a customer will find it hard to throw a gift card with a certain value — it’s like throwing money! And subscribers often spend more than the value of the gift card. 

Just remember to state the conditions, so your contacts know how to spend their free money.

Like a miss you or thank you email, this is something you can do with snail mail. Despite its slow deliverability, it throws in a good element of surprise!

Try any of these five campaigns and win back your subscribers today!


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