5 Cheap Universities in Canada for International Students

cheap universities in canada

Are you still confused about the cheap universities in Canada to obtain either undergraduate or postgraduate degree you have always yearn to have? The essence of the article is to act as an eye-opener to anyone who has been in total darkness with some of the universities in Canada that offer cheap tuition fees. The North American country has attracted students from different parts of the world who have picked interest in schooling in Canada.

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Canada is a nation known to have mountains and lakes that have encouraged tourism in the country. Foreigners do travel down to the country to know about their culture, lifestyle, visit different destination sites, businesses, conferences, and others. The major reason people travel to Canada for their education is based on the fact the tuition fees have been subsidized through the help of the government to enable foreign students afford it. The article shows us about cheap universities in Canada.

Cheap Universities in Canada

The following are the cheap universities in Canada for any student who has a deep interest to study in Canada, but can’t afford to pay the tuition fee:

1.University of Guelph:

This is one of the cheap universities in Canada located at Guelph, Ontario. As an international student who has interest to run a program in the institution doesn’t need to bother about visa application. The University of Guelph stands in the gap to help students who are going to find it extremely difficult to secure their visas. Apart from visa assistance, the school can help in the area of accommodation especially for international students, and this has cut down the stress and frustration that would have been encountered by the students. They have various educational programs and its tuition fee is $9,730.

2.Brandon University:

For many years, Brandon University has been able to have a good rapport with foreign students and this has been seen from their past records. Students in this institution have the opportunity to have a one-to-one discussion with professors relating to their fields of study. In some schools, students don’t have the chance to have any interaction with their lecturers, but here, it is different. There are different undergraduate degree programs, and its tuition fee is $7,203.

3.Université de Saint-Boniface:

In this institution, it is required for students who are enrolled here to have some level of proficiency in the French language. Most of the educational programs are being taught in the French language, and this is the reason it is important for students to know the language in order to avoid any form of the language barrier that will impede their learning. Although, some of the courses are being offered in the English language and its tuition fee is $7,482.

4.University of Calgary:

This is one of the cheap universities in Canada that offer postgraduate education for those who want to obtain (Masters or doctorate degrees). There are numerous courses being offered by students in the institution. The University of Calgary is located at Calgary, Alberta, and the students are both indigenes and international students. The tuition fee to run a postgraduate degree is $3,693.

5.Simon Fraser University:

There are lots of various postgraduate degrees or programs for any student. These departments cut across departments and faculties such as Health Science, Environment, Communication, Business, Applied Sciences, and others. These have created ways for lots of students to enroll in the school. Simon Fraser University is located in Burnaby, British Columbia, and the tuition fee is $3,743.


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