5 Best Romance Manga in 2021…


By reading the title alone, you would probably think – Here comes a collection of some cheesy romantic stories. Well, that’s exactly where you’re wrong. As you start reading a romance manga, you get to know the main character; the love interest, friends, and family. And without even realizing you begin to care for them. 

Even though 2021 has been a tiring year, it came with some greatest manga series. So, I’ve compiled a list with one of the best romance manga volumes released in 2021. Now, let’s get started: 

1. Love Me, Love Me Not by Io Sakisaka

LOVE ME, LOVE ME NOT is the 1st romance manga on this list. In the romance genre of manga, IO SAKISAKA is known as one of the most prominent writers. In her 21 years ongoing career, she has written some great bestsellers like Ao Haru Ride, Strobe Edge. Once you finish reading these 2 manga series on Mangalife, Love Me, Love Me Not is the next manga series you should have on your reading list.

Love Me, Love Me Not has everything that you need out of a romance manga. It has drama, cuteness, sadness, & whatnot. It has the perfect combination of art we cherish out of Io Sakisaka’s writing work. As for the story, the manga series follows the stories of Akari & Yuna. I can bet that once you see the duo together, you would want to become friends with them. When you meet Yuna and Akari, you will want to become their friends.


ReLife is the 2nd romance manga on this list. It’s a Japanese manga series in Webtoon format. In the rating department, ReLife is counted as a top manga series. As for the story, ReLife follows the life of Kaizaki Arata. After suffering through some ill-fated situations, he cuts himself from all over the world.

Then one day, he receives an offer from someone who works for the ReLIFE program. This changes everything for him. The ReLife was giving him the opportunity to return back to his high-school days. In the manga series, all this is possible with the help of a pill. By using it, Kaizaki could make changes to his life & re-enter the society that he had left years back.

Even after this interesting plotline, ReLIFE features a love story between Kaizaki & the woman that supervises him in his journey.

3. Last Game

The last Game is the 3th romance manga on this list. It follows the life of two polar opposites Mikoto Kujo & Naoto Yanagi. Mikoto comes from a poor family. So, she’s practical & apathetic whereas Naoto is rich, smart & handsome. Ever since he was young, he never lost to anyone. However, his winning streak ends with the introduction of Mikoto in his life. When both Naoto & Mikoto can’t afford to lose, they start a one-sided rivalry between them.

After challenging Mikoto for an all-out war, Naoto gets easily defeated on all the fronts. Unable to admit his defeat, Naoto follows her through middle school to college & issues a final challenge titled as – a “Last Game”

Initially, his plan was to make her fall for him only to break her heart. However, his plan starts to take another turn as he genuinely falls for her. So, by following his heart, he modifies his “Last Game” plan to get her to marry him. 

4. Horimiya 

Horimiya is the 4th romance manga on this list. It’s the story of a bright & popular girl Kyoko Hori who’s always compared with a glass-wearing nerd Izumi Miyamura.

That’s her school life but back at home, she doesn’t like to dress as much as other girls of her age. Apart from this, she’s always consumed with taking care of her younger brother, Souta.

The other main character of the manga series is Izumi Miyamura. As I said earlier, he’s a nerdy boy at school but the real him is a young punk with 9 piercings and countless tattoos. 

Both of them are living a completely different life as compared to their real self. Then one day, they accidentally find out about each other’s real self. They both agree to keep each other’s secret & in the process, they learn more about each other. Hence, resulting in yet another love story.

5. Wolf Girl and Black Prince

Wolf Girl and Black Prince is the final romantic manga on this list. The manga series is written by Ayuko Hatta. It successfully ran for 16 volumes from October 25, 2011 – May 13, 2016. After the immense success of the manga series, a Japanese animation studio TYO animations produced the anime television series in 2014.

The first season aired from October 5, 2014, to December 21, 2014, for 12 episodes. The anime series didn’t go well with the audience & the TYO animations pulled the plug from the anime series. Hence, no second season. After the conclusion of the manga series, on May 28, 2016, the Plus D studio releases a live-action film based on the manga series.

Now, coming back to the manga series, it tells the story of a high school student, Erika Shinohara. In order to fit in as a member of a girl’s group, she lies about having a boyfriend. Further, to make her story sound legit, Erika snapshots a photo of a stranger in the streets and tells her friends that he’s her boyfriend.

Her lie fells hard on her as the boy in the photo turns out to be the most popular guy in their school, Kyoya Sata. Once again to cover up for her lie, she requests Kyoya to be her pretend boyfriend. As they spend most of the time together, she finds out that he’s sarcastic, arrogant, and snarky. That’s quite opposite of his prince charming image in the school.

Despite different personalities, pretended relationships, the true end up falling for each other. Hence, they become a real couple. The manga series shows their journey from high school years to adulthood. How they inspire each other to grow as individuals. Together they overcome challenges like love rivals, misunderstandings, long-distance relationships & jealousy to strengthen their relationship.  

Final Words

That’s all for now. Out of these 5 romance manga, which one you liked the most? Will you read them using an online manga reader? If you’re not into reading manga, you can watch their anime series on Gogoanime. Well, whatever you decide, do share your feedback in the comments section given below.


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