5 best computer industries producing quality products in UK


Stepping into the computer industry in UK can be a lot difficult then you could have imagined. The United Kingdom is not only famous for its monarchy and related stuff but also for its technological advancement over the years.

The UK, for now, belongs to the first world and is nowhere behind in the race of technology.

When it comes to the computer market not only you would have to follow lots of competition, but you will also be bound by standard SOPs that are strictly followed within the industry.

However, over recent years there have been a lot of companies that have somehow managed to reach the top of the list. Following is the list of top 5 companies that are producing top-notch quality products in the UK

1.   Utopia

This next one may be the last on our list but that does not mean that it is the least.  This is the company that has been developing high-performance PCs for almost 20 years and has never let it, customers, down.

Another great fact is that this was the first company to be listed as an independent manufacturer with products listed on the Argos site. The company started from nothing and today has reached a point where new companies are trying to copy its technological advancement.

But Utopia made that almost impossible by continuously evolving its very own technology for the development of powerful PCs. These guys provide the world’s longest periods warranty. Yes, that’s true, they provide a warranty of 10 years for free labour and lifetime support.

Their partners include famous game developers such as Rockstar Games and educational institutes such as the University of Cambridge.

2.   Centerprise

This company is one of the best local original equipment manufacturers in Wales. CMS computers own one of the best manufacturing plants in the UK. The company has built itself to a point where it has finally started to compete with multinational brands.

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The main reason for their success is that unlike most multinational brands, this local brand is not diverging totally towards tablets, because nobody is always going to work without a desk.

So as long as you need a desk, a laptop will always be a better option, and this is the point that this company understand very well. This company is in business for the past 3 decades which means that you can trust it blindly.

This brand has also developed its group of industries to provide better customer services. These groups include Centerprise International Limited, Adam Continuity, Centiant Limited, Yoyotech, SAMcraft, CI Distribution, and 23 Technology.

3.   Wired2fire

Known for manufacturing some of the most competitive personal computer in the UK this company is known to provide custom PCs for gamers and consumers that need to perform heavy-duty task all day.

It doesn’t matter what’s your use it, just tell them and they’ll make sure to provide.

The only problem is that the cost of the computers lies in the upper range but that is being justified because cheap products would not be able to perform a multifunctional task and hence your dream to be competitive in your job will only remain a dream.

Therefore, it is necessary to choose quality over quantity that had made them pioneers of the computer industry in UK.

4.   Novatech

This article about some of the best companies to get the best quality products in the UK would be incomplete if we don’t talk about Novatech. Our next brand’s tag line is “equipping you to win the race in a competitive business environment.

This company is one of the most experienced companies in the business. It has been providing solutions to IT-related problems for more than 27 years and has benefitted its customers ranging from tech professionals and enthusiasts to educational and public sectors. Their portfolio includes a provision of unbeatable services in the field of IT, security, cloud and print services.

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5.   Fuze

Talking about quality, if you are the kind of person who only wants British products then you would not find any company for computer hardware parts in the UK other than Fuze.

Not only this company is completely manufacturing its products locally while following all standard protocols but also the company is sourcing products at a local level.

So, everything from screws to programming is purely British or should I say ‘royal’. Moreover, the company recently paid tribute to 8 BIT micros from the 1980s. so that’s a good thing if a company remembers its culture. Imagine what it will do for its customers.

So, this was our list of the top 5 companies that provide the best products in the computer industry in UK. We hope that you like it. Don’t forget to share your thoughts about the list with us. See you next time.

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