5 Basic Tips for a Novice Surfer

novice surfer

Surfing is a lovely sport. But there are some common mistakes people make at the start of our surfing journey. To avoid these mistakes, you should follow some basic tips that would give you confidence in the ocean! Also, you can book yourself surf lessons at Hokali, which would make your surfing experience better and safe. After all, you must agree that he who is forewarned is armed!

1) Respect the ocean

It’s not just about realizing the power of the ocean. It’s about the confident ability to understand the riding conditions, understanding where to sit, how waves form and break, the ability to see currents and channels. It is important to know what storms and pollution are, to be able to assess possible risks, including those arising from ocean predators. The ocean is a constantly changing dynamic environment. If you are just getting to know the ocean, take your time: take a look, explore the surroundings, give yourself the opportunity to get used to the ocean before going on the line-up.

2) Read the etiquette

There is a rule in surfing – respect the people around you, and they will respect you. Whether it surprises you or not, good line-up manners are really important! Etiquette teaches us how to interact with other surfers, covering everything from where to swim on the line-up to when you are entitled to take the wave. Knowing and following the rules not only signals that you are respectful of other surfers, it is also an important part of safety. Surfers take etiquette very seriously, which is what we advise you to do too!

3) Equipment

When you already feel comfortable in the ocean and have familiarized yourself with the rules of behaviour on the water, it’s time to attend to well-chosen equipment! And this is not an easy task. You can spend a lot of time and money buying a wetsuit, board, fins that simply don’t fit you. The best advice here is to keep it simple!

Do not chase the fashion, do not try to look cool, just a large and wide enough board is what you need to start skating and, most importantly, start enjoying it! First, buy a used board to understand how the parameters of the board affect your surfing, and then, gradually, you will come to what kind of board is “your” … then you can safely buy a new one or even make a custom board.

4) Learn to row properly

Everything is simple here. Lie on the board so that your feet do not cling to the water, arch your back so that your chest is pointing forward, and paddle with maximum effort. There are many techniques, but the main thing is to reduce resistance and create maximum sliding of the board through the water and maximum range of motion.

5) Being able to see channels is an important part of surfing

The channel is an area outside the breaking of waves, which can serve as a safe area for surfers, in which you can relax between sets or swim out on a line-up. The channel is formed in a deeper place near the place where the waves break. Sometimes channels are formed near the edge of a reef or depression on a sandy bottom. The ability to see the channel can save your life at the moment when you are completely exhausted.



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