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Summer has finally arrived and you dream of having a terrace on your roof? A rooftop terrace has many advantages. Here are 5 that will convince you to create a real haven of peace on your roof!

  1. The thermal advantage

 In summer, a roof terrace forms a thermal barrier, bringing freshness and comfort. Then in winter, the thickness of the flat roof helps retain the heat accumulated during sunny days.

If you choose a green roof, the substrate layer has an impressive insulating capacity. A green roof, therefore, brings significant energy savings. It will cost you less to heat in winter and cool in summer.

Besides, a green roof will provide better thermal insulation than a simple roof terrace. The temperature of a black flat roof will rise to 70 ° C in summer, while a green roof will hardly exceed 37 ° C.

  1. The aesthetic aspect

Do you want to add character to your home? A roof terrace will quickly bring a lot of charm to your property. Whether for its architectural appearance or its modern look, the roof terrace will also increase the resale value of your home.

A roof terrace offers many possibilities. Ask a designer for advice to find a little extra, in aesthetic terms that will distinguish your house from those in the neighborhood.

  1. The possibility of landscaping the garden of your dreams

A roof terrace is a perfect place to plant flowers or cultivate a garden when we are running out of space in the yard. Gardening enthusiasts will particularly appreciate the possibility of growing vegetables on areas that were once lost and the ease with which it is possible to collect rainwater to water plants. You will of course have to take into account exposure to the sun and wind – often higher on the roof – to choose the appropriate plants. Once everything is set up, you can fully enjoy your little corner of paradise. Just add some garden furniture and voila. For more information visit home improvement Columbus.

If you want to opt for a green roof, know that in Montreal, the construction of a green roof requires a building permit or a building transformation. The City of Montreal offers a technical guide to guide you in the construction and layout of your green roof.

  1. Take advantage of additional living space

If you have chosen to live in the heart of the city or do not have a very large backyard, you will be seduced by this opportunity to create a comfortable living space on your roof. Friendly and intimate, the roof terrace is perfect for hosting family and friends during the summer. This additional living space will allow you to arrange the terrace of your dreams, a small garden, flowered tubs and why not, a playground for children.

If your roof allows, you can offer yourself an extra luxury by installing a swimming pool or spa! A seasoned designer will help you optimize the new living space.

  1. The breathtaking view

Like a perch above the city, the development of a roof terrace will offer you an absolutely incredible view. And that, without the inconvenience of the annoying background noises caused by traffic.

Besides, it would have been shown that a green roof could reduce noise by 40dB. Choosing a roof terrace is opting for the view, without the noise!

One of Renovation Urban Design’s areas of expertise is the development of a roof terrace. It is important to call on a professional for the realization of a roof terrace, because it will be able to offer you the best layout and design according to the characteristics of your roof and your needs, while prioritizing the safety aspect of your roof terrace.


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