5 Activities For Holiday Programs Of Primary School Students


The school is incomplete without summer and winter breaks. And this is the time when students can make the most out of the activities they like. 

Here are five activities to consider for holiday programs for students:

Scavenger Hunts

Every kid loves scavenger hunts. When talking about the holiday course for kids, such activities must be included in the courses to add a fun element. There are many types of scavenger hunts; one for outdoors, one for indoors and many more. It is a very easy and interesting activity for primary students. If you are conducting the activity all you need to do is provide a paper and pen to the children with objectives to find. This way they will participate in the activity, learn to help each other and teamwork. 

Calendar Of Endless Holiday Fun

Next is the calendar full of activities. This activity states that you have to provide your children with a clawender with all the activities in it. This way the children are already aware of all the activities that are going to be held. They basically have one activity per day. In Sydney’s winter school holiday activities, this is one of the most liked activities. A blank calendar is provided to the teachers where they brainstorm ideas for everyday activities with students. Together they come up with short activities to keep skills sharp.

Creating A Memory Book

Memory book creation is another activity in the holiday programs for primary school students that acts as a record to remember all the fun they had. In this activity you can ask the students to use a blank book, write about their favorite memories, evaluate what all they learnt, mention their best friend and decorate the whole book as per their choice. Once all the writing part is done, students can be more creative and draw some pictures. Once the book is bound they can take it home.

Space Contents

Next is one of the most renowned STEM holiday activities that are mostly included to sneak maths in the fun time. The activities by STEM are designed in a way that it doesn’t feel like maths. It not only keeps students engaged but even makes them learn a few things while they are having fun. Space contest helps students to practice tables, multiples and prime numbers. It is designed for two players at a time in most cases. You can decide the terms and conditions of the game as per your preference or can also get your students registered for a STEM program.

Setting Goals

Last but not least is the kind of activity in holiday programs for primary school students that’s designed to wrap up the holidays. In this activity the students are supposed to set up goals that they wish to accomplish throughout the year. Here you can help your students in making understand what should be their priority. This way students will have a set goal and would know the direction they must proceed in.

So this was about activities of holiday programs for primary school students. In case you are willing to conduct a holiday program too, STEM activities are the ones you must definitely consider.


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