4 Ways To Increase Website Engagement During Crisis


To increase website engagement means inviting everyone to gossip on one platform. Even in normal times, it becomes too difficult to escalate web traffic. Businesses aim to get the results on time, but it is not that easy. One has to play with techniques to make sure they are ahead of their competitors.

What you mostly do to convince the visitors? Definitely, there can be mixed views on this question. This is because every marketer focuses on the techniques which he thinks may work for him. However, this is true in only a few cases.

During a crisis, you can increase website engagement without putting too much effort. People are impatient to read the information that excites them at a glance. So, why wasting your energy on poor tactics when you can implement some profitable techniques?

Here is a list of strategies that can always be helpful to you in times of crisis.

How To Increase Website Engagement In Crisis?

1.      User experience

According to research, 90% of users stick to the website if it gives them a pleasing experience. This makes sense now because not every website is worth browsing.

It is time to revamp your website that guarantees to engage the users. Firstly, check the navigation system. If the navigation is complex, you are already making a big mistake. This is definitely frustrating and time-consuming.

Easy navigation brings a lot of users to the website. It should be your priority to make these changes at earliest. Once it is fixed, the users will return to the website more often.

Moreover, user experience is also improved when you add interesting features on the website. It again increases website engagement that turns into more sales than before.

2.      New digital trends

Gone are the days when websites were built on the same theme. It usually takes away the interest, and you get nuts in hand.

Well, nothing can replace innovation. If you bring one change to the website, you will get to see the better results from the next day. Hence, you need to figure out the flaws and stick to the theme that never takes away the interest.

Do you see the online B2B marketplace? It encourages the target audience to discover new items and shop at their ease. So, the interesting part is that the website is always following new digital trends. It keeps the site on the top of competitors’ list and never let anyone keep it down.

The moral of the story is to follow new digital trends to keep your website alive.

3.      Visual content

Visual content is the showstopper in the digital world. This means that it catches more views compared to texts and long paragraphs.

For instance, you land on a page that has tons of information but finds no image and video. Will you give it a read or just walk away? The latter option must be your response to the question.

This is the importance of visual content when it comes to increasing website engagement.

You have to stick to creativity when developing content for your website. Make sure that it goes well with the theme. Once you break the rule, there will be no one to help you come out of the red zone.

Hence, create impressive visuals that grab the attention of the users at a glance.

4.      SEO Practices

Last but not least, SEO is the game-changing element for any website. Be it a clothing brand or a consultant service provider, SEO practices can create wonders for you.

Keep in mind that website engagement is related to professional SEO practices. If you set a low budget for it, you are already making no efforts to get your website ranked. This means that if your site lies in the first position on a search engine, then you get maximum chances to increase website engagement. However, website traffic remains an integral part of the practice.

To achieve the goal, why not you trust an SEO expert? It can be a struggle to find the best, but you will end up seeing the effective results too. So, hire a professional for this work and let it put all the efforts on one platform. The China B2B platform also has a team that manages SEO for better ranking.

The Bottom Line

Did you see the interesting steps to build a competitive website? It is definitely not in the hands of everyone, but one can make efforts to achieve the goal. If you practice all of these today, then you will notice a big change in your site’s performance during the crisis.

Do not lose the opportunity. Once it is gone, it never comes back to you. The website is your only asset that is now your identity. So, make it worth browsing and beat all the competitors that come in your way.


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