4 Traits of a Good Property Manager

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Are you an overwhelmed landlord? Do you want to find a property manager? Maybe you want a solo property manager, or maybe you would rather hire a company like Taylor Equities, a property management company founded by Steven Taylor Taylor Equities. Regardless of which you prefer, you should know the traits you want to be on the lookout for in a good property manager.

A property manager bears huge responsibilities for his landlord. Though some tasks are common for every property. Through this article we will discuss some common property management responsibilities which a good property manager does on behalf of his landlord. Here are four of them.

1. Communication Skills

A good communication and well behaviour solve many complicated issues. A good property manager must be skilled at communicating with people. Not only do they have to correspond with you as the landlord, but they also handle landlord-tenant interactions. This includes handling complaints, maintenance, rent collection and legal issues. A good property manager will be able to effectively communicate with tenants and resolve disputes.

2. In-Depth Knowledge

One trait that should always be present in a property manager is in-depth knowledge of the legalities surrounding the landlord-tenant relationship. Property managers should always be well-versed in the rights and responsibilities of both landlords and tenants. Collecting rent from the tenant to any kind of legal problem, a property manager should know all these things in depth. It helps to assist the landlord when it will necessary.

3. Good Attitude

Another trait you should search for in a property manager is a good attitude. A property manager should be positive, decisive and self-motivated. You want someone who will create a positive atmosphere for tenants, someone who can make solid, well-educated decisions without waffling. You want your property manager to get the job done without prompting. A good attitude considerably enhances the performance of a property manager.

This also helps the landlord to find a tenant if the property manager hold a good attitude.

4. Time Management and Organizational Ability

Time brings money if it will manage properly. Organization and time management are valuable skills in life and industry. In a property manager, they are necessary. Property managers need to know how to keep organized and competently manage their time in order to keep on top of the many tasks required. They have so much to do that it would be easy to fall behind or forget something if they don’t remain organized or manage their time properly.

They will decide how to maintain the budget and when it is needed to spend for maintaining the property, make payment for taxes during the tax season.


As a supervisor on behalf of a landlord a property manager work throughout the day. They maintain the through records of the income and expenditure of the property. They also take care of tenant’s complaints, requests of maintenance etc.

There are more traits than these that make up a good property manager, but these are four of the most important, so keep them in mind when you are looking for a one.


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