4 Tips to Make Your Living Room Bright and Airy


The living room is the main area of the house where your family spends most of the time. It is a place where you invite your friends over a coffee, lounge and relax after the hectic day at work. How can you expect your living room to be a comfortable place if it is all messy? There is no proper ventilation for the crossing of air, and it all seems so musty and compact.


If you have a living room that seems dark and drab because of the placement of things, size and clutter, it is time you stick to some renovations to achieve lightness and airiness. The biggest move you can make is to get on to the construction work and create some windows. You can choose from a variety of options for your living room, including, awning windows, casement windows, double-hung and many more. But, call professional windows installation company for the work.


Just like this major renovation, let us discuss some simpler modifications that can turn your living room into an airy and brighter place-


1) Remove the clutter- Any room that is full of useless stuff and clutter will definitely look messy and dirty. Do you have any idea the extra things and objects can block away the air and light entering the space? If you want to organize your living room and make it airy, chuck things out ruthlessly and place it in some storage space in your house if they are important to you.


Keeping things off the floor will make your living room spacious and tidy. One more thing to focus on, if you have shelving’s in your living room, avoid displaying all your possessions; instead, pick a few items to feature.


2) Keep the walls clean and light- Dark coloured walls in a crowded space can make it look more packed and shadier. It is better to go with light colors and palette. If you are confused about which light colors to choose from for the living room, then I would suggest you go for magnolia, white and cream shades since they go well with all kind of interiors. Secondly, you can add a focus wall with textures and art.


3) Improve the ventilation of your living room- Your room cannot be made airy without windows and wide doors and of course, proper ventilation. Install windows and doors that let the air flow in and out and allows minimal sunlight to enter. If you keep your place all dark and covered, it can grow musty, stuffed and filled with molds due to lack of light and air. One important thing is, do not use heavy curtains that block the entire rays of sun entering the room. The light is important to kill certain germs resting inside your house.


4) Incorporate green plants- Incorporate green plants inside and around the windows that purify the air entering inside. Some plants also kill germs suspended in air and refined the air.


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