4 Tips to Enhance Your Home Office Setup



Home is the new workplace, and unlike offices, many homes were ill-equipped to handle the sudden conversion to a workplace. This happened because, before the pandemic, not many people paid attention to making an organised home office set up. So, people settled for laptops resting on cushions and plush sofas instead of office chairs.

According to a report by The Fair Work Commission, as of October 2020, at least 41% of Australians were working from home. And even as the pandemic eases, more than 27% of Australians continue to work from home as of March 2021.

Many tech companies have announced work from home indefinitely. For example, a tech company based in Sydney has announced that all of its six thousand employees can work from home.

Most homes are not designed to accommodate offices or separate workspaces. But, that is the need of the hour. So, the solution is evident; to incorporate the office into the home. Since work from home is the norm now, finding a reputable shop and buying office furniture in Sydney after designating separate spaces for them in the home is the only solution.

An organised desk is less about aesthetics and more about function and productivity. A functional desk and office setup make it easier for you to work efficiently and comfortably without having a headache or back pain. This is where you will be spending a third of your day or probably even more. And some people even use home office setups to study or follow up on some personal projects as well. Hence, it is wise to consider the factors and purpose of the office space before creating or enhancing the home office.

So, here are some ideas to enhance your in-home workspace for greater functionality and comfort.

  1. Get a Good Desk

Just like a bed is the centrepiece of a bedroom, a desk is the centrepiece of your workspace. There are a variety of desks in the market for every specific requirement and preference. And since they come in all shapes and sizes, consider the available floor space and your needs before buying a desk.

  1. Invest in a Monitor Stand

A monitor stand helps adjust the viewing angle of the screen. Keeping a monitor at the right height reduces the strain on your eyes, helps you sit comfortably with the monitor being in your line of sight, and prevents slouching over the desk. Also, get rid of the books you do not use to place your laptop. Investing in a proper stand to keep your laptop or monitor will give you greater usability and increase the ergonomics of your desk.

  1. Light Up the Area

Task lighting is a superb option for your office setup than a general lamp in the room. This mode of lighting reduces the strain on your eyes and lets the camera focus on your face during those important zoom meetings. Moreover, using string lights or rice paper lamps is the best way to achieve a calming ambience with a cosy and comforting effect that will enable you to sit for long hours. And another pro tip is to invest in intelligent lighting with multiple colour options, switch to white lighting for deep focus, or warm light to read.

  1. Make Some Room for Storage

Putting up open shelves or cabinets in the space reserved for home office lets you store books, files, and other knick-knacks. You can take advantage of whatever space is available and put small shelving units to keep the things you need for your work. A sustainable and economical way to get some more storage is to use canvas pen stands or mugs on your desk to store pens and pencils.

In short, analyse your specific needs, and only then start looking for a store (either online or physical) for shopping office furniture in Sydney for your home office. You should take into account the purpose of your home office and decide accordingly about the things you need as you are going to spend a great deal of time there.


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