4 Things You Need to Know About RHS Steel



Various industries use hollow structural sections (HSS) to build durable and long-standing structures. It is a kind of metal profile featuring a hollow tube area. One of the most common HSS is rectangular hollow structural (RHS) steel. As its name suggests, the RHS steel has a rectangular profile used as steel frames.

Builders prefer using RHS steel because it has a myriad of uses. You can load it from various directions during construction. You will never run out of use for this type of steel because of its flat, even surfaces. As a result, it can help make construction fuss-free. If you plan to use this steel, here are some of its common applications to maximise its functions.

Uses of Rectangular Hollow Structural Steel

You can easily find this type of HSS for plenty of uses and applications. Builders often order RHS steel to construct industrial, agricultural, commercial, or residential establishments. Some of it can be seen on the following:

  • Decking
  • Bearings for the floor
  • Rails
  • Fence posts
  • Bridges

It is also seen in the construction of homes and other buildings that need durable partitions. People also use this steel in manufacturing applications like storage and automotive because of its sturdiness. Most importantly, many builders choose to use this material because of its cost-efficiency.

Perks of Using Rectangular Hollow Structural SteelĀ 

There are plenty of benefits that every construction project can get by using rectangular hollow structural steel. It includes:

Safety and Durability – Builders recognise steel as a great material to work with when making residential properties. It is safer to work with it than wood because it does not warp or splinter. It is also not prone to rotting, mould, crack, or attract excess moisture. Most importantly, steel materials like RHS are not vulnerable to insect and pest damages, can withstand harsh temperatures over time, and are inflammable, making them a safer material to use for construction.

Reduce Costs – Applying the latest trends in steel fabrication techniques using rectangular hollow structural steel allows builders to order premade pieces that suit their specifications. It will help reduce the need to cut the material to fit the size they need for construction. As a result, it will significantly reduce labour costs. It will also avoid the weaknesses in structural integrity that may also incur costs in the long run.

Sustainability – Using steel allows you to help save the planet. A million tonnes of steel go through a recycling process annually to avoid wastage. The process can reshape this material into a reusable construction material as tough and as durable as the original materials.

Wide Variety of Options – This type of steel often comes in different sizes to fit the specific requirements of every construction project. It also comes in different colours and finishes to boost the aesthetic quality of the structure. It means you can have your steel materials customised according to the project’s preferences to ensure that you utilise the material during the construction.

Aside from these perks, builders would attest that steel materials like RHS are lighter compared to wood. Therefore, it will help reduce the transportation cost when ordering the construction materials.

Using rectangular hollow structural steel in construction can be a great option for any industry and purpose. You only need to find the right steel source to ensure that you will get high-quality materials for the structure that you plan to build.


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