Caffeine is a staple in the diet of most Australians today, as it is the one form of energy that allows them to hustle through their day. The work culture and lifestyle has gotten very fast-paced for the people of Australia that demands a lot of their time and energy. It is only possible with a good cup of espresso as their elixir. Cafes have become their heart and soul first thing in the morning as they have some of the best espresso machines in Australia that make some tasty cups of coffee.

On average, the Australian population consumes about 2kg of coffee per person each year. A total of $4.5 billion is the gross value due to coffee consumption added to the economy of Australia. It shows that Australians do love their cup of coffee. It has opened several opportunities for businesses to rebrand their cafes or entrepreneurs to consider investing in their restaurants and cafes with a new coffee machine. Those brands can sometimes be perplexed with the variety of coffee machines available, unable to decide on the right kind. This article is to help resolve those decision conflicts by stating some tips that are significant to keep in mind while selecting amongst the best espresso machines in Australia.

Tips Café owners/ business owners should keep in mind while buying an espresso machine:

  • Various Features available: A lot of new technology has made espresso makers more advanced over the years. As a result, the manufacturers are constantly trying to go one step above their competitors by introducing great features, making them favourable espresso machines in Australia. These features often include making adjustments like adding a variety of flavours to the espresso via the caramel or vanilla syrup dispensers, an outlet to making the acidity of the coffee prominent or less and other tools like creating milk foams for that extra flavour.
  • Quality of espresso technology: More often than usual, many brands and businesses make errors like investing in a large espresso machine from a poor manufacturer that makes the espresso taste either too sour or bitter. The mechanism that makes the espresso must be tested beforehand to avoid making the wrong business decision. Some good manufacturers will allow their clients to test their espresso-making quality by giving them a sip of the fresh brew to decide for themselves.
  • Cost of machine and installation: A good café business will see its success only if its finances are dealt with care. The biggest investment for any café is the space on rent or purchase and the best espresso machines in Australia. Investing in expensive equipment is a one time purchase for many years to come. Some amazing machine manufacturers like the Sanremo Coffee Machines offer a good deal on their espresso machines and provide decent installation costs.
  • Target the right audience: Espresso machines are a large chunk of the investment for a new business. Hence they need to pre-define the audience they are trying to target before the purchase. If they plan to own a small café, the audience they will attract will mostly be people from around the area who prefer their coffee simple that can be satisfied with a much smaller and simpler coffee machine. Suppose the business is aimed at being a large chain of cafes like the Starbucks franchise. In that case, they will attract people from every walk of life, having their specific preferences regarding their coffee, requiring an advanced and larger piece of machinery.


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