4 Best Skills and Applications for Alexa


Alexa is considered to be one of the best powerful personal assistants of the individuals and it comes from the house of Amazon. One can get a very engaging experience with the help of android phones, Amazon Echo devices and the Amazon fire devices. The individuals can also download Alexa app for PC Windows 7. All the benefits associated with the Alexa for example controlling the devices in a home, playing the music and checking the weather can be very easily performed with the help of Alexa application.

 Following are some of the applications which are the best ones for Alexa:

Amazon Alexa: This is considered to be the official Amazon Alexa application. It is considered to be a highly essential application for several kinds of reasons and allows individuals to interact with Alexa enabled devices. One can interact with the devices directly and one can very easily control the stuff with the help of these kinds of applications. The Alexa owners should go with the downloading of this kind of application because it is completely free and helps to provide several kinds of benefits after its downloading has been done.

Any.Do: Any.Do is considered to be one of the most competitive applications for Alexa because it helps to integrate with the shopping list and to-do list of the Alexa. These kinds of applications are available for both iOS and android and are very much successful to sync together. This particular application also comes with a slight learning curve and most of the people are very quickly able to figure out it. This particular skill is also free to download so that all the benefits associated with it can be enjoyed very well.

AnyPod: AnyPod is considered to be the podcast skill for Alexa and it comes with fairly basic and interesting features. Individuals can go with the option of subscribing and listening to the podcast. One can very easily go with the option of fast forward, remind as well as skipping of the episodes. Additionally, the voice commands are also very much simple to use and there are no issues associated with the whole process. One can very easily go with the downloading of this particular application and the user interface is also very simple and easy to use.

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BigSky: BigSky is considered to be one of the most popular weather applications for Alexa. This Application is considered to be fairly decent and comes for both androids as well as iOS. This particular application helps to tell about the temperature, weather conditions, weather alerts as well as location. These kinds of applications come with several kinds of extra stuff for example wind speeds, humidity, ultra-violet index and also have to do everything. This particular application also provides the members with the option of premium subscription which will help to provide even extra benefits. On the other hand, the free version is also very much successful and helps to provide the best quality features to the people

Hence, all Amazon-related skills and applications have been very well explained.


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