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Virtual tours have become a rage among the tech-enthusiasts lately. The reason being the ease and comfort a virtual tour provides to the viewers, who could experience the visit and a walk through the property site, not physically, but through their smartphone, by just sitting at their homes! Virtual tours have become a great marketing tool as well since they allow businesses to create wider brand awareness and offer their tech-savvy online clients, extensive information, and complete in-depth journey through their business site.

Although being a valuable marketing tool, a Virtual tour is not preferred by many agents as it could seem time-consuming and expensive! But fortunately, WebbVR provides you with the most affordable and comfortable solutions for making a high resolution and sophisticated Virtual tour for real estates ever!!

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What is a 360-degree Virtual tour?

A virtual tour is a collection of 360 virtual tour real estate panoramic rotating images ‘stitched’ together to form a full 360-degree view of a location. A smart technology comprising of special cameras and lenses is used to bring the tour together and produce a great visual experience to the viewer. The viewer can look around the entire scene just the way he would if he were present at the location. He has control over what he would want to see and can even zoom in and out to enhance the scene he is viewing. Virtual tours can be made more interactive by adding descriptive texts, hot spots, videos, and even sound. These features of a virtual tour give more ‘immersive’ feeling to the viewers and bring about a much richer overall user experience!

Why are virtual tours important for real estate agents?

From finding buyers to purchase the property that has been listed to helping buyers to find a home that aligns perfectly with their needs, a real estate agent surely has a lot to do!! Virtual tours, however, act as a highly effective marketing tool that makes the work easier for real estate agents in many ways!

A few basic benefits of virtual tours that can be highlighted are listed below:-

  1. Virtual tours save time and money: The prospective buyers can go through the Virtual Tour of the property to get the required information without having to physically go there. They can go through the Virtual tours of as many listed properties as they want and narrow down their selection. This not only saves time but also the travel expenses of both, the buyer, as well as the agent.
  2. Virtual tours help the agent win listings: Virtual tours also help the agent win the confidence of the seller client, by proving that he employs the latest marketing tools, such as Virtual tours, for his listings, which brings him more buyers and better offers at the earliest. The seller client would figure out that the agent has an understanding of the market and knows how to attract the buyer! This makes it easier for the agent to win more listings from the seller clients.
  3. Virtual tours reach out to more buyers: Virtual tours can even reach international clients or those residing at far off places, as they don’t need to physically visit the property. They can view the listings online and check out the virtual tours that provide them with all the information they need. Virtual tours are also helpful for those who can’t move freely due to any disability or old-age.
  4. Virtual tours increase the closing rate of the property: Virtual tours can be really helpful if made skillfully, as they help the buyers to decide upon purchasing the property faster. Buyers get to explore the property online, along with the required information, and as such, it is convenient for them to make a decision right away! This cuts down on the amount of time too!
  5. Virtual tours help you to become a brand: When you prove that your virtual tours bring clients to the closing table faster, you know half the battle is won! You are now seen as a client-oriented agent, who has invested his time and efforts into using the best technology and the most effective marketing tool available! Virtual tours exhibit your willingness to go the extra mile for the convenience of your client. This way you can win over the confidence of the clients!

How to create virtual tours in easy steps

To make an impact virtual tour, you need to imply some impeccable skills and a lot of planning! Because creating a virtual tour that leaves an impression on the viewer and converting him to a client, is not as easy as it seems!!

Right from choosing the best software and equipment, to planning shots, positioning the camera, taking pictures, and uploading to the software to get the desired results, everything matters!!

A few tips and tricks might help you get through the entire process like a pro. Read on to know-how:

  1. Choose the right software and the equipment: It’s a common perception that creating virtual tours demand high-end complicated photography equipment. But the fact is, you can take great pictures with a 360-degree camera that is affordable and user-friendly! Then the next step would be to choose a Virtual tour software provider like WebbVR to take you further by creating that awesome Virtual tour that you had been dreaming of!
  2. Plan your shots: It is always a good idea to shortlist the rooms that you want to include in your Virtual tour. Have a close look-out for one such point in each room, perhaps the center, where you would be placing the camera to capture the shots, exactly highlighting the features of the out for another point where the camera will be able to pick up most of the details. Mark the spot with tape so as not to lose it. You can even make a list of the rooms and the specific features you want to highlight to be more prepared. This also ensures you don’t forget to shoot important places that your prospective buyers would be expecting in your virtual tour!
  3. Stage each room: Beauty captures the attention and it is true in this case too! Make sure to present the room in the best way possible so that it instantly catches the attention of the viewers. You could add interesting artifacts, some cost furniture, a vase of flower, or just a nice picture to give that desired enlistment to the room and make the shot more appealing. Plus, put in a little effort to clean up the entire space which is to be shot. Remember that the professional camera is a high-resolution one and is apt in capturing the slightest bit of the dirt or mess at the location. Also, remove the extra things which are unnecessarily occupying space in the room. This way the camera can also have a clear view of the entire room with no distractions around.
  4. Level the tripod: To ensure that all images come out perfectly, you must first level the tripod. To bring out uniformity in the lines and angles of all your shots, your camera must be installed on a perfectly leveled tripod. Leveling the tripod by adjusting the legs until the bubble is centered between the lines is all you got to do.
  5. Take the test shots first: You should always go for a few test shots to ensure that your camera is capturing the images exactly as you were expecting it to. Also, see if all the features that the potential buyers would be looking for are included. If the lighting is too harsh or too dim, it can also be adjusted with the test shot. You could also make changes in rearranging the furniture or other decorative if the test shot demands so. You also need to take care of the reflecting surfaces and the mirrors that can reflect you or your camera, thus spoiling the feel of the whole tour. So, make sure to adjust the mirrors beforehand and also move to a better place before the shooting begins and operate the camera remotely.
  6. Take exhaustive images: To get the best results, take as many photos as you can. Remember to take shorts according to the image list you had prepared, so you do not skip shooting any major feature. Move your images. But make sure to check each image on the camera before moving your tripod to another location, because you might need to take a re-shot or two. Before leaving for another room, check on if all the required images are properly done.
  7. Create your virtual tour: Since you have taken all the pictures, it is time now to make your much-awaited virtual tour! You now need software to come into action and help you do that!! You just need to upload all the pictures and the software will assemble all the images to make the 360-degree virtual tour! As most of the software provides you features that add-on to the viewer’s experience, you can go to settings or the edit button to add features like audio description, interactive links, music, or text all by yourself! This allows the user to navigate through the virtual tour service more conveniently and in the most interactive way.
  8. Share your Virtual tour: When you are finished creating the Virtual tour, your software will provide you with a link to your tour and also a code that allows you to embed the tour on your website or any chosen social media account! So you can now add the link to your website and send traffic to it through paid advertising from Google!!

So, go ahead and create your virtual tour and pat your back once you’ve done that!!


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