3 Powerful Tips to boost your career and start earning as a voice actor


Building a voice over business is a lengthy process and requires constant daily efforts. A professional voice actor knows that finding work doesn’t simply involve auditioning for every voice acting job but instead requires serious effort into scoping out the right jobs, best suited for their voices.

It’s true that earning through your voice takes a bit of research and a lot of practice, but if you have the right tips on hand, navigating the industry is possible. Needless to say, a great voice is not the only factor that breeds a solid career in voice acting. A voice talent is not just a great voice, but a person with endless ambition, polished talent, and good business sense.

Here are some handy tips and tricks to earn easily as a voice artist over auditions and thrive your voice over business effectively:


  • Build Your Network


Gone are the days of cold calling producers and advertising agencies in an attempt to book work, as this tactic is no longer an acceptable business practice. What is a viable option, however, is networking with other voice actors – heavily. Attending business networking events and conferences can be a great way to get to meet clients as well as other voice artists. Not only will you get moral support, but you’ll also become part of a powerful referral network. When other fellow voice actors are presented with a job opportunity that they aren’t well-suited for, they usually recommend other vocal talent in their network, including you, for said opportunities.

3 Powerful Tips to boost your career and start earning as a voice actor


  • Mark Your Presence At Online Platforms


You need to understand that online voiceover recording platforms are now widely used by top companies and brands to hire voice artists without any hassle. Here are a few other reasons to make your profile on the online platforms:

  1. Having a profile at online platforms allows you to showcase yourself
  2. To get work – having an online presence allows casting directors, producers and directors who are interested to search for you to hire you directly.
  3. To be able to control what material is presented about you – you control how you appear in search and start to own your personal brand. Having all your information in one place makes it easy for those looking to get to know you and you can set your own prices and highlight your expertise easily.

Voyzapp is an online voice over marketplace where you can register for free as a voice artist, upload your previous voice over demos and auditions and get better voice over opportunities.


  • Diversify Your Service Offerings


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that when you’re able to offer extended services, like post-production editing, you can make more money. Plus, your client will also be delighted to save money by not having to pay another third party for those additional services. You can enhance your service offering skills by following:

  1. Deepen Your Audio Production Abilities

As a voice actor, you might have some knowledge about audio production. Invest in your new revenue stream by attending a university or online courses to get some professional level training. 

  1. Find a Post-Production Partner

Start by researching newly-graduated audio production engineers via LinkedIn, Facebook Groups and even College Alumni boards. Establish a working relationship with a post-production partner and agree to working terms, so that they can make a living, while you get to offer valuable services to a client who needs them.

The same thing can be done for offering translation, dubbing and subtitling services. Investing time into developing these complementary skill sets is a great way to make the most of your craft that requires continuous learning and dedication.

Success in the voice over industry requires thoughtful strategic planning. When you think about it, as a voice actor, you are essentially running a business. And, your business in turn requires business development. Setting a marketing strategy, corresponding goals, and analysing your uniqueness aren’t just “make-work” tasks. They’re essential to building a solid base for your marketing initiatives, and from there the creative juices can flow into areas that will prove themselves to be more fruitful than others.

Also, to promote yourself you will need to produce good quality recordings that your client will love. High quality recordings are a must in this industry and this is where you can stand out from the others and become successful. If you are able to, you should invest in a professional studio demo or should record your demo in your home studio. While recording you must put a variation in your voice over demos to show just how flexible your voice is. The best voice actors in the business got to be as good as they are by working on their sound and constantly trying to come up with new tones and characters. So be sure to find your own space and work on your voice technique as much as possible.

Always remember that there is a certain amount of patience and consistency required while applying for work and finding clients. The perseverance and “not-giving-up” attitude will help you achieve real long-term success in the voice over industry. 


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