3 Don’t for Marketing during the Pandemic


With the word grinding to a stand-still and all businesses being closed due to Social distancing guidelines most businesses are facing major challenges. With every business facing steep decline in Consumer Activity and Profits, Survival seems to be the priority. These are a 3 Big Don’t that when it comes to managing your marketing efforts in this Pandemic:

  1. Don’t stop communicating with customers

Most of your customers are probably very confused and don’t understand the changes happening as a results of the pandemic.

Other businesses probably have stopped or reduced communication with them as a results of the pandemic, which will only further drive the panic and uncertainty surrounding the crisis.

If you stop communicating now, you’re likely to lose an honest portion of your customers to competitors that are still communicating with them—and it’ll be difficult to win them back once the pandemic is over.

  1. Don’t stop creating content

Many businesses within the same industry as yours will probably drastically reduce the quantity of content they create or stop creating content altogether. This presents a chance for you.

Don’t stop creating content. Instead, double down on content creation, and confirm a number of your content addresses key questions your customers may need as they are going through the pandemic while also creating other sorts of content; these pieces of content will offer you a huge advantage when things calm down. Your competitors will then be scrambling to make content but you’ll have already got tons of content ranking well within the search results.

  1. Don’t Decrease your marketing budget

It’s important to understand that the pandemic will affect other businesses in your industry just like your business. While other business may panic and stop their operations and marketing this is a good time to take a lead in over your competitors.

For Ex: At times like this, ad rates are likely to decrease significantly thanks to tons of organizations cutting on their ad spend; this suggests your ad dollars are going to be ready to go much further than they would’ve gone during normal times. it’ll also allow you to increase your market share and be the dominant voice while others are inactive.

Final Thoughts

With the world adapting to the pandemic and businesses starting to open up, this is a good time to invest in digital marketing agency and take a leg up on your competitors. Because those who Adapt, Survive.


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