3 Clear Reasons Why Double Cleansing Is Important


We know that our skin is the second largest organ of our body. The skin’s outer layer has keratin that keeps it hydrated and protected. Pollution, UV rays, oxidants and chemicals in skincare products can damage this layer, exposing our skin to further decay.

Maintaining skin hygiene and keeping it hydrated are both equally important. However, some harsh skin cleansing agents containing chemicals and sulphates end up drying and aging our skin. The best skincare products for cleansing are those that have naturally derived components, and that do not strip our skin of its inherent moisture.

It is also essential that we double cleanse our skin, as dead cells, grime and oil get accumulated in the topmost skin layer and clog skin pores. However, care should be taken in double cleansing as exfoliation and scrubbing can disturb the pH balance of the skin.

Confused as to how to double cleanse without drying your skin? We take you through the process, and suggest cleansing products that won’t harm your skin.

How do you double cleanse your skin?

Double cleansing involves cleansing your skin in two stages – first with an oil based cleanser that removes stale make up, sunscreen, sebum etc., then with a water based one that removes grime and dust.

The benefit of double cleansing is not only in cleaning your skin, but also in removing dead skin, sebum, etc. to refresh its appearance, and make way for other skincare products to seep in.

Oil based cleansers can remove traces of make-up effectively from the facial skin, even from the eyes. What’s important is that you select the right cleansers containing absolutely no sulphates, fragrances or alcohol. Also, remember to select cleansers that help maintain the pH balance of your skin.

Is double cleanse necessary?

Without a doubt, it is. Skin experts feel that the process of double cleansing not only cleanses thoroughly, but also revitalizes dull skin and allows other skin care products to penetrate into your skin more effectively.

Is double cleanse necessary?

This process is particularly essential for:

  • People with oily skin that need deep cleansing
  • Those who have acne prone skin
  • Those who wear heavy make-up regularly

First, you need to apply the oil based cleanser all over your face, including over your eye skin. The oil combines with water to create a cleansing milk. Gentle massage, then wash off with lukewarm water. After that apply the second, water based cleanser on damp skin and wash off similarly. Pat your face dry softly with a towel.

The best time to double cleanse is at night before you sleep. Alternatively, you can do it in the morning after waking up. Include it in your daily skincare routine for best results.

Is double cleansing good for your skin?

Now that we know the benefits of double cleansing, let us see which face cleansers would be best for this.

  • Start your double cleansing routine with a lightweight cleansing oil that contains that wonder skin nutrient – Squalane, and flower oils like Lavender Essential and Evening Primrose oils. With its blend of pure botanical oils, this cleansing oil dissolves even hard to remove make-up and impurities without over drying skin. Apply it on dry skin, then mix in water and massage gently. Rinse it off with lukewarm water. This face cleanser is non-comedogenic, so it is ideal for oily and acne prone skin. Ophthalmologist-tested, this cleansing oil suits the most sensitive skin too. Wake up to clean and moisturized skin after applying this night cleansing oil.
  • If you have dry and sensitive skin, wash your face next with a cucumber based mild cleanser. With the goodness of Cucumber extract and Glycerin, this conditioning cleanser leaves skin feeling fresh and comfortably cleansed. Its gel formula becomes a light foam to envelop your skin’s surface. Your skin is soothed and hydrated with this best face wash for dry skin.
  • Men have slightly tougher skin than women, so they need to double cleanse with a face wash that cleanses and energizes dull skin. Choose the best face wash for men that contains refreshing Caffeine, cooling Menthol, and soothing and moisturizing Vitamin E. This gel face wash effectively removes dirt, grime and excess oil, and gives your tired, dull skin a fresher appearance. With orange and lemon extracts and Vitamin E, this formula is specially tailored for men’s skin.

Double cleanse your facial skin with effective, gentle cleansing action that doesn’t over-dry your skin. Include the best skincare products from the house of Kiehl’s in your skincare regimen.

The glow on your skin will be worth it!


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