15 Simple Life Hacks in Everyday Life

15 Simple Life Hacks in Everyday Life

Sometimes we underestimate simple things. Even though something that seems simple might be something very useful. In everyday life, there are so many problems that we must face, ranging from domestic life, work and health problems.

Likewise, while undergoing any activities it is not impossible to face a problem. In the kitchen, there are many problems that often occur, for example accidentally doused with water or hot oil, stains on kitchen utensils that are difficult to remove, the skin feels hot when slicing spices and so forth.

Not to mention health problems, you could suddenly experience thrush, nosebleeds, itching due to mosquito digits or eye glaze.

Simple tips that are very useful

If you experience these problems, don’t rush to panic. Panic will never solve a problem, do simple things to overcome it. No need expensive fees and do not take long. There are so many simple and useful things that you can do to overcome problems in your daily life. Here are 15 simple life hacks that might benefit you;

Painful eyes when slicing onions

If you experience this problem, try to provide a bowl of water before you slice the onion. Place it near the onion that you are slicing, feel the results.

Tea stain on the glass

Old tea stain on a glass is indeed difficult to remove with dishwashing soap. Don’t be confused, take toothpaste then apply it evenly. Wait a few moments, clean and wash as usual.

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If you experience a nosebleed

Rub cold water on the fontanel or stick a little ice cube. Nosebleeds will immediately stop. Can also use betel leaves, roll betel leaves and enter into the nose, allow a few moments until the blood stops flowing.

Remove rust

If your kitchen utensils, motorcycles, cars or anything made of rust metal use coca cola to clean it. Rub the rusty part with a cloth that has been moistened with coca cola, do it a few times until the rust disappears.

Dry cough

Dry cough is quite torturous and can cause strep throat. The night before you go to sleep, consume eggs fried in sesame oil. Eat while still warm and do it routinely for several days.

Boil papaya leaves so it is not bitter

Do you like boiled papaya leaves but don’t like the bitter taste? Remove with this simple method, take a handful of papaya leaves, roll and tie. Enter the papaya leaf stew, the bitter taste of papaya leaves will disappear.

If scalded or hot oil

Scalded or hot oil can cause blisters and runny skin. If you experience it, immediately apply kerosene to your skin. The skin will not blister and runny, also the pain will decrease.

Eliminating spicy taste

Spicy food is appetizing, but sometimes it is not controlled to excessive. As a result, the mouth like burning so spicy. Drink whole milk to overcome it. Use pure milk to rinse and hold briefly in the mouth, do it several times. Spicy taste will disappear soon.

Are your teeth yellow?

Do this simple thing to overcome your yellow teeth, take peanuts and chew in the mouth. Then brush your teeth for about 3 minutes. Yellow teeth will decrease.


If you experience mouth sores due to canker sores, use a vitamin C tablet to treat it. Apply a small amount of vitamin C tablets to the wound until the tablets melt. If it is rather severe add with vitamin B. Your sprue will recover soon.

Hot skin when grinding chili?

Some people are very sensitive to chili and will cause a burning sensation on the skin when touching it. To avoid this, before you grind the chili  or cut the chilies, rub your hands with oil. Your skin will not feel hot, try to prove it.

Itching due to mosquito bites

If you experience itching after being bitten by a mosquito, you can smear it with balm or eucalyptus oil. But if it’s not there, use soap and immediately apply it to the mosquito bite wound.

Is the sticker on your motorcycle difficult to remove?

Use a hair dryer to make it easier for you to take it off. Blow the sticker with a hair dryer until it feels warm, the sticker will be easily removed because the glue melts and the adhesion is reduced.

If salted fish is too salty

For those of you who like salted fish, do this simple thing to reduce the saltiness. Soak the salted fish in warm water and put the coarse salt in it, leaving the salt to remain granular. Leave on for 15 minutes, then drain and rinse with clean water. Coarse salt will absorb the salty taste of salted fish.

Things that seem trivial and which you often take for granted turn out to have such great benefits. Simple things do not mean that they have simple benefits. Simple things can have amazing benefits, hope these tips will be useful for you.


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